Sunday, July 27, 2008

Rick Butts and Twitter Squeeze

I think you will like Rick Butts. He is both informative and entertaining.
Founder of
Rick's Blog is also very informatic (new word?)

Rick said in a video that he used to own but that he sold it for $50,000. DON'T GO THERE! YOU ARE WARNED! LOL!

I wondered what's up with other "_utts" domains.

They are all spoken for excepts "" which I bought. Maybe Rick will buy it from me for, say, $99.95? Any other offers? I think it has a nice ring to it?

So, because I have lots of time and nothing to do (ah-ha), here are the results with the consonant first letters (autts is available, I think)

Results: - parked - registered - parked - taking offers - parked - India site - Patrick Reber - who knows? - comics (popups) - home full of Nutts! - golf - I bought it - parked - parked - who knows? - attorney named "Vutts" - search engine - expired on 07/21/08 and is pending renewal or deletion

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  1. Hey Greg,

    I enjoy your blog, short and sweet. Are you also a member of entrecard?