Monday, January 28, 2008

Gotta get doing!

I have a project in the hopper that I am fairly certain will earn me some decent money. It is also a project that I know I will enjoy.

But it's been sitting there for about 10 days. Why am I procrastinating?

I know the awful truth. I am having fun communicating with my customers and friends on the web. Is there anything wrong with that?

Well, yes. If I don't bring in more money my wife will start making faces at me. See, I need to show her the money or she gets all nervous. It's not that she doesn't bring home her own bacon. In fact, she does quite well. But she's been raised to feel that if her husband is not taking in a weekly paycheck then he must be a slacker.

The problem is that I have been slacking to some extent. I've been watching the political debates and primary election results too much. I've been doing too much YouTube.

I think I will describe this project as I do it and put the results here every day. Until tomorrow then, I'll procrastinate until then.