Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Don't Believe Them

I am stuck in Atlanta. My plane had a mechanical problem so the good people at Delta Airline paid for the stay at a local hotel. I love my life in America. Extremely sorry that greed ruined it.

Online marketers are people who are trying to make your wallet thinner.

They often claim to have the golden key to making money online. They tell you if you do this or that you will achieve lasting success.

Don't believe them.

Scoop: they have experienced some success but that does not mean that the techniques they want to sell you still work. Let me put it this way.

If you were earning a fabulous amount of money with your Internet techinques, would you want to share them with the world? Many of these marketers simply found a small wormhole where they could fool Google into getting some clicks to their website.

These people are modern day snake oil salesmen.

Don't believe them.


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