Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Join me in a new and exciting journey!

The past two weeks I've been a hermit. I am studying about Web 2.0. It is fascinating.

You know what? The Internet and the advertising world are morphing. Social networking is opening new and wonderful doors that lead to opportunities throughout the world, opportunities to change life as we know it on the planet.

In just two short weeks, I now have four new
good friends in other continents. We are all interested in how to connect with each other in the best way. I am discussing the idea of selling products with a fellow from India. We are working to figure out an affordable way to translate our blogs and websites into many languages.

I've found a secret door and I want to share it with you. I can accept three apprentices at this time. I will not charge you a dime to get in, but you will need to make a minor investment in the AWeber autoresponder that costs $170 per year (monthly plan of $15 is available). I will be intensively screening applicants since the demand is greater than my resources at this time. You must have the willingness to learn and be coached and the time to complete the internet tasks required.

Some things you will learn:

1. get people to contact YOU instead of the old, worn out way
2. build and manage a mailing list
3. write effective copy in the Web 2.0 world
4. rules for success in social network marketing

Contact me at wahmwed@yahoo.com if you are interested.

Here is a nugget of information you can use.

PayPal is more than just a payment processor!

I recently discovered a treasure trove of benefits offered by PayPal for businesses, including very small businesses or those who only occasionally sell items. Although I used PayPal to receive and issue payments for online products bought and sold, I was unaware of the opportunities PayPal has available for sellers through their Merchant Services Business Solutions. While Business Solutions has are many options, the one discussed here focuses on shipping to buyers.

Business Accounts: Website Payments Standard and Website Payments Pro

It takes only minutes to set up your account. Simply go to your PayPal account and click on Merchant Services. Then, depending on your business needs, you set up the account that best meets your needs. For those with occasional sales, the Website Payments Standard is probably an adequate mechanism to use for payment. It takes minutes to set up through PayPal. The Website Payments Pro version is for those who sell items on their website and accept credit card payment. There is no monthly fee, no set-up fee, no cancellation fee. You pay per transaction a sliding fee of 1.9% to 2.9% + $0.30 US dollars.

Your PayPal Business account gives you the ability to invoice your customer using the PayPal website, Quickbooks or Outlook, and accept secure payment through PayPal. Once payment is received, you will automatically be given the opportunity to print out a USPS postage-paid shipping label. Included, without charge, is delivery confirmation – worth 60 cents. All you need do is accurately weigh the boxed product beforehand, choose the type of mail delivery you want, and your printer does the rest. The cost of the postage is drawn from your PayPal Account. Simple.

What happens if your printer suddenly runs out of ink or some other immediate catastrophe? When prompted by the program, you cancel that particular shipping label and either reprint or begin anew.

Stay tuned for more Pay Pal secrets!

Greg Cryns
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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Direct Sales heresy

Here is the heresy:

You can actually make more money selling product than by recruiting. Do you believe that? I do. Here's why:

Out of every 100 people you talk to about your business, how many actually sign up? My guess is that if you got 3 of them you are a really good sales person. Now, how many of those 3 will be successful in your business. My guess is that none of them will. You need more signups. Maybe one out of 25 will be nicely successful.

Second question: out of every 100 people you talk to about your products, how many might become a customer? I am thinking at least 20.

So, you tell me. Would you rather have 100 regular customers or one potential salesperson? Normally I would jump at the chance of 100 regular customers.

But here is one of the problems.

Many direct sales companies are set up to recruit not to grow customers. Why is that? The main reason, in my opinion, is that their product will not sell without making people buy it on a monthly basis in order to make money for themselves. Thus, we have that strange thing called "autoship." Can you see how depending on your downline ordering monthly on "autoship" leaves too much luck in the process to maintain a solid base of strength?

Mary Jane Medlock has over 6,000 customers. She says that you need to earn the respect of your customers before anything else good happens. "I don't think my customers would have been happy if I recruited. They just wanted to lose weight. They wanted my success. They weren't coming to some pyramid thing. They weren't coming so I could put them on autoship."

How much does Mary Jane make? Here's the math: 6,000 customers order about $200 per month each. Her company pays here 20% commission (not points, not bonuses, not a vague amount over a certain monthly sales volume). How much is that? My calculation shows she makes $240,000 a year in commissions.

Let's look at the top direct-sales companies and the commissions they pay. Not too shabby!

Again, if the products are good, why is there so much emphasis on recruitment? My idea is this: if you can't sell the product, leave the company. Is that too harsh?

That MaryKay commission of 50% sure looks yummy. Too bad I'm a guy! Tell me, do MaryKay reps do well? Would you say that the people who have the most sellable products make the most money? Be honest. How hard did you work to get your current downline? How many in your downline are doing much at all?

Lots of questions. I don't know the answers. Please enlighten me.

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