Tuesday, May 20, 2008

United Airline gave me two round trip tickets

My wife and I went to Chicago last Friday on United Air.

Sitting in the boarding area at Los Angeles, we noticed that the Stand-By list was 65 people. Then the UA service lady announced she was taking "Volunteers".

Curious about what that meant, I went up to her. "What is a Volunteer? " I asked.

She replied, "I am looking for people to give up their tickets to this flight and I will put you on the next flight that takes of in an hour."

I said, "What's in it for me?"

She said, "We will give both you and your wife a free round trip ticket to anywhere in the 48 states."

Interesting. "No surprises?" I asked. She said there were no catches.

Result we walked away with two free round-trip tickets and got on the next flight that left about 50 minutes later.

Also, I signed up for AAA Auto a few weeks ago. That got us a 40% discount at Hertz for the car we rented in Chicago.

I am all smiles!

greg cryns

owner: http://www.wahmsearchengine.com