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My Live Signature review

You've seen those fancy signatures. You wanted one but thought it would take too much time.

Well, here is My Live Signature to the rescue!

They have scads of fonts and sizes and colors, too! So, jump on your keyboard and head on over to My Live Signature.

I am not an affiliate of this company, just a grateful admirer.
How do you like my new signature?

Link Search Tool - very handy for SEO

This bird knows how to search for food, for sure.

If you are searching for blog ideas, you may want to try this nifty online (free) tool.
Solo Seo Link Search Tool

For example, this is what it returns for "network marketing" blogs and forums.

Do you know what "inurl" and "intitle" mean for search? Try it as in a search and you will not need more explanation.

Terms found for "network marketing"

network marketing forum
"network marketing forum"
intitle:network marketing forum
inurl:network marketing forum
network marketing blog
"network marketing blog"
intitle:network marketing blog
inurl:network marketing blog
"add comment" network marketing
"post comment" network marketing
network marketing members
network marketing join
network marketing tag
intitle:tag network marketing
intitle:post network marketing
network marketing guest writer
network marketing guest blog post writer
network marketing submit content
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network marketing guest blogger wanted

Another tip: check out the SEO Chat Forums.

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Help! I want to make money fast!

Picture: Chinatown in San Franciso

I received a letter from a nice lady today. She wants to learn how to make money on the Internet as soon as possible.

So, I promised to guide her through the process and I will continue to do so. I am very encouraged by her message since she did take a look at Twitter, as suggested. She is interested in blogging as well. If you want to sell a product or service on the Web, it is highly encouraged to have a blog or website, though there are ways you can sell stuff without those (think eBay and Craigslist). Wisely so, she is concerned about Internet safety.

Here is her message:

I talked to you on the phone earlier this week. I signed up with Twitter, so far I have 32 following and 27 followers, what exactly does that mean. How exactly do Twitter work and is it safe. How often do you have to do updates? Why people want to know what are you doing? It is kind of scary to me, how I know that some of these people are not serial killers. Do I have to email any of them back like the emails I receive stating "thanks for following me and I will follow you back". Do I have to send any of these people emails.

When you stated in the email earlier get a blog, do I have to have my pictures on there. What exactly is a blog and what do I talk about. What exactly does this mean when you stated..... Put the blog link up in your profile on Twitter and visit the profile of someone else (who is business oriented) who has a lot of followers. Then follow his/her followers. I've found that about 70% of those you follow will follow you back. How do you make money with Twitter, that is my main question.

Here is my response:

If you post something, 27 of the 32 people you are following will see it because those 27 chose to follow you as well. Twitter is as safe or not as any other place on the web. We have the choice to worry about it or not. I don't worry, but I do not take chances either. There are no direct emails to your email unless you send them your email address. Otherwise they can send a DM (direct message) to you via Twitter, but they don't know your email address.

Blog: you can write about anything you want to write about. Hobby? News? Business? I write about Internet Marketing on my blog:

If you don't like to read swears, don't look at this excellent mommy blog: Jen is one of the web's most successful mommy bloggers.

Twitter: you need to fill out a Profile page where you can also put a link to your website or blog that people can click on. So, if you are selling something, for example, that would lead them right to your business website.

How do you make money on Twitter? It's a long and laborious process at best. You can meet a lot of people who can help you make money and you can learn a whole lot about making money, but, trust me, the social networks are not fast ways to make money.

I'll go out on a limb: there are NO fast ways to make money on the Internet. If you need money immediately, you can sell stuff on eBay or find an offline job. But to make money legal and fast, I am clueless.

Greg Cryns
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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Want good SEO? Read Google's recommendations

Here is a brief summary of
Google's Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide published in November 2008. If you want to learn the basics of SEO - search engine optimization - you will want to study this guide. Below are the Headlines in the article. You can download the .pdf file HERE.

1. Create unique, accurate page titles

2. Make use of the "description" meta tag

3. Improve the structure of your URLs (keywords in the link)

4. Make your site easier to navigate

5. Offer quality content and services

6. Write better anchor text

7. Use heading tags appropriately

8. Optimize your use of images

9. Make effective use of robots.txt

10. Be aware of rel="nofollow" for links

11. Promote your website in the right ways

12. Make use of free webmaster tools -
Google's Webmaster Tools

13. Take advantage of web analytics services -
Google Analytics

Greg Cryns
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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing Questions

Guest post

What is Pay Per Click Marketing?
By Christopher Castillo

How Does Pay Per Click (PPC) Work?

Advertisements are developed that market a particular product or service. These ads are then place into a major search engine such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. The search engine then places the ad as a sponsor link on their page whenever certain key words are typed into their search terms. If you notice on Google, the ads on the top and right hand margins state that they are sponsored links. These are pay per click advertisements. The remaining results below the ads are organic results, or results that are not paid for.

The marketer then pays that search engine accordingly by rate that the search engine charges per click on the ad. The more frequently that a particular key word that is related to the ad is clicked on, the higher the price that the search engine will charge for each click. PPC is a great way for people to pay to drive targeted traffic to their website. A marketer can bid on certain key words as well. The more money that is payed per click, the better the placement the marketer will obtain on the search engines listings for a given keyword search.

How easy is it to create a PPC campaign?

Website traffic is the bottom line for all marketers on the internet. A large amount of traffic can be directed toward a particular website fairly quickly if a quality PPC campaign is established. It does take a fair amount of research of a campaign to get to the point where the cost per click is worth while for the amount of traffic, and revenue generated from that traffic, to make a successful profit. It may take some trial and error methods to obtain the sales that one anticipates with regards to the budget they are working with.

Who can benefit from having a PPC campaign?

Paying by click works well for companies or individuals interested in marketing a product or service where the "natural" website traffic they may receive without a PPC campaign is not enough. Also, many people new to online marketing, or just beginning to start affiliate marketing, can benefit from this type of campaign. Reason being, the only other option to drive web traffic to a site would be to research the multitude of traffic driving techniques and tools for obtaining high rankings for a certain keyword, and then utilize the techniques that one feels will produce the best marketing strategies for that particular campaign.

On Google for example, Google webmasters changed their algorithms over 4,000 times last year. What does that mean in respect to website marketing? Basically they manipulate the way that Google decides how and why it will rank one website over a competitors site. The most basic way to gain a higher ranking is by having as much "gravity" to ones campaign sites as possible. Gravity in this respect refers mostly to how much valid content is actually available online. The more sites one has that link to their mainpage, the more gravity they are said to have.

However, this is just the basis for how Google ranks sites. They also use social networking sites, social bookmarking, original to redundant video/article ratios, popularity of one particular visitor to your site, (for example, if President Obama visits the website via his own Facebook page,) quality of articles and related sites, how long someone visits a site, and countless other ways that keep marketers guessing as to how they can obtain the top rankings.

What is the best way to begin a PPC campaign?

In my opinion the best way to begin marketing via this type of campaign is through the aid of a PPC software product. There are many products available (some at little or no cost,) that can help one significantly both in setting up their campaign as well as in understanding the basics. Doing good competitive research is also highly recommended.

Expert Author Christopher M. Castillo of is a top internet marketing guru who works with industry leaders in developing the best tools to automate making money online. His real passion is for helping others achieve their goals, dreams and aspirations of earning a full time living online with his methods. Christopher is also known for small business consulting, business plan creation and for teaching others how to make business success. Christopher M. Castillo is an expert in marketing holds a BBA and MBA in Marketing and has decades of experience in Marketing for corporations, small business and non-profit organizations. To learn more how Christopher M. Castillo and his team of Mentors can teach you to make money online today, visit them at and take a FREE TEST DRIVE!!!

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Numbers in your domain name

Guest post

The Mystique of Numbers in Company Names
Copyright (c) 2009 Marcia Yudkin

While visiting the House of the Seven Gables in Salem,
Massachusetts two weeks ago, made famous in the 1851 book by
Nathaniel Hawthorne, I mentally tried out other numbers to see if
they would sound as spooky and portentous.

To my ear, House of the Five Gables sounds all too ordinary,
while House of the Eight Gables lacks anything that would send a
chill up someone's spine. Both the sound of "seven" and its
properties as both odd and prime give it a reverberating ring.

I would go so far as to say that numbers have personalities that
you need to be aware of when using them in company or product

Motel 6: Here, "six" comes across as routine and humdrum, very
much like the rooms and prices in this chain.

Super 8: If this motel chain was trying to convey higher quality
than Motel 6, it works. Note too that with two long and one short
vowel sounds to its competitor's one long and two short ones,
the name Super 8 commands more attention while taking up no more

Heinz 57: Company founder Henry John Heinz engineered the
company's address at PO Box 57 in Pittsburgh in addition to
using this number in the corporate slogan ("57 Varieties") and
in the name of its steak sauce. I doubt it would have lasted
since 1896 as Heinz 28 or Heinz 91 or even Heinz 37.

Note that you don't have to provide an explanation of a number
you include in a business name. The Heinz company web site says
only that the numbers "5" and "7" had a special significance
for founder Henry John Heinz and his wife, not what that
significance was. Likewise, the bottle of "Formula 3" shampoo
that my hairdresser recently sold me says nothing about what the
"3" means.

Just be mindful that certain numbers carry heavy baggage to
members of some ethnic and religious groups. For instance,
"four" is unlucky to many Chinese because in their language
it's a homonym for death. And to Christians, the sequence
"666" signifies the devil. "Thirteen" is shunned in many
cultures for reasons unknown.

Be mindful also that for a local business, people don't know how
to look up company names starting with numbers. If you heard the
name "18 Candles" for a party products company, should you look
it up in the telephone directory under "E" for "eighteen" or
in the front of the book, before the A's? When the number comes
after a regular word, as with Studio 54, you avoid this problem.

Finally, when it comes to web domains, most people hearing a
company name with a number in it will assume it's written with
the numeral rather than in words. They'd look up
rather than Even so, you'd be smart to reserve
both versions. indeed corresponds to the motel chain,
but goes to a site for finding a cheap motel room.
Likewise, the founder of, a political web
site referring to the number of seats in the U.S. Congress,
thought the written-out-words looked more elegant and neglected
to reserve the domain

Marcia Yudkin is Head Stork of Named At Last, a company that
brainstorms creative business names, product names and tag lines
for clients. For a systematic process of coming up with an
appealing and effective name or tag line, download a free copy of
"19 Steps to the Perfect Company Name, Product Name or Tag Line"

When (and When NOT) to Charge for Your Info Products

When (and When NOT) to Charge for Your Info Products
Copyright (c) 2009 Judy Murdoch
Highly Contagious Marketing

One of my clients recently asked me whether she should charge for
a series of tip sheets she created for families traveling with
young children. Great question.

There's quite a bit of confusion around whether you should sell or give away your information products. About half the advice I hear favors giving information away for free. The other half favors charging.

The truth is, sometimes you should give information and resources
away and sometimes you should sell them. The real question is
WHEN to charge and when not to.

In this article, I'll give you some guidelines around when to
charge and when to give information away.

Start with What Your Business Needs Now

Asking where your business is at and what you need to be
successful is a great place to begin.

Every business needs customers, right? So let's look at how
strangers become customers. They go through three stages:

~ Stage One: Visibility (V)

To become a customer a person first needs to know your product
exists. You become visible by getting your product and marketing
message in front of people who fit your ideal customer

~ Stage Two: Credibility (C)

Knowing that your product exists is usually not enough to get
someone to pay cold hard cash for it. Nope, they're thinking
"well, that sounds good but how do I know it will really work?"

During the Credibility stage you need to give them information
that demonstrates your product will deliver as promised.

~ Stage Three: Profitability (P)

Once your prospect is convinced that your product will, indeed,
deliver the promised value, they will pay you and become a

V to C to P = Marketing Funnel

Picture a funnel with lots of people coming in the widest part
(visibility), a percentage sticking around to learn more
(credibility), and a percentage of those who stick around
becoming customers (profitability).

At any given time in the life of your business, there are people
at different stages of becoming customers. Some are learning
about you for the first time, some are checking you out to decide
whether they will buy, and some are deciding to buy and paying

Ideally, you have a steady stream of people constantly entering
and moving through the funnel. If they don't enter or don't
continue through, you have a problem and it shows up in your
bottom line: You don't have enough paying customers.

When to Give Away and When to Charge

To decide whether or not to charge for an information product, I
suggest you take a look at how many people are at each of the
three stages.

Your goal is to use information products as an incentive for
prospects and customers to take the next step.

~ When You Need More Visibility

If you're just starting your business or you want to enter a new
market, you probably need more visibility. You need people to
know your product exists.

When visibility is your goal, I recommend you give something away
that provides value and introduces people to your product or

Why? The goal for visibility is to answer the following

1. What is it ("it" being your product or service)

2. Does it help someone like me?

You want to give something away that will answer these questions
while asking for something minimal from the prospect.

A common example is offering a free Ezine subscription or a free
report your prospects can download in exchange for their E-mail
address or phone number.

~ When You Need More Credibility

Credibility is an issue when you're getting a lot of first time
visitors and inquiries but not enough are coming back.

For most products and services, people need repeated
demonstrations of what you can do for them. They need to trust

When you are building credibility, I suggest you have two
information products: one that is free and one that you sell.

1. A free product that allows you to build a relationship with
your prospects. Products like Ezines are great because you get a
chance to connect with customers once a month or more.

2. Product you charge for which offers a higher level of customer

Ideally, this is a "no brainer" purchase. Something for which
the value is so obvious for what you're charging that most
people don't need to think too long or hard about whether to

Although you will be making some money, the real purpose is to
demonstrate credibility and build trust.

Warning: The biggest complaint I hear is when someone offers a
free report or one-hour teleclass that turns out to be little
more than a sales pitch.

Again, you are creating value and building trust. Doing both will
enable you to convert more prospects to paying customers when the
opportunity presents itself.

A sneaky sales pitch will undermine the trust you are trying to

~ If You Need More Profitability

If you have a large, loyal base of readers, subscribers, or
members who have been hanging out with you for several months and
like what they're getting, some of them will want to invest some
serious time and money for your focused time and attention.

For example, a consultant I know sends out a free monthly Ezine
to her mailing list and sells low cost Tip Sheets, Checklists,
and so on.

Each month 3-5 of her subscribers contact her to learn more about
her workshops and seminars costing $500+. She usually books 6 to
8 engagements this way each year.

She explained it to me like this, "I try to provide something
useful that my readers can apply right away. For example, I sell
a $5.00 meeting organizer they can use to have more productive
meetings. Sometimes this is all they need."

"But sometimes they're in a situation that goes way beyond the
DIY stage. They need someone from outside the company to step in
and help them set up a new system or to help them hire a new

Allowing your prospects to upgrade (or escalate) and get a higher
level of support is not only profitable, it's how you can really
serve your clients.

Bottom Line

Whether or not to charge for your information products depends on
what your business needs in terms of developing customer

The less known you are to people fitting your ideal customer
profile, the more important it is to offer free or low cost
information products which provide something of value.

As you build trust and as your prospects learn how you can help
them, you can offer more expensive, higher commitment products
for those who want (and can afford) them.

Judy Murdoch helps small business owners create low-cost,
effective marketing campaigns using word-of-mouth referrals,
guerrilla marketing activities, and selected strategic alliances.
To download a free copy of the workbook, "Where Does it Hurt?
Marketing Solutions to the problems that Drive Your Customers
Crazy!" go to
You can contact Judy at 303-475-2015 or judy@...

Greg Cryns The Mighty Mo Website Design and Promotion

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Is this a useless email response?

How many times have you received an email reply like this:

"Thank you for contacting us. We will answer your message soon. Sincerely, (whoever)"

Now, what is the good of that email? Does it warm me up to the person who sent it?

Not really.

In fact, it pisses me off that I had to open the email to read the useless message.

So, please don't use this type of email in your business. I can see the value of telling people you are on vacation, but not this.

What do you think?

Greg Cryns

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Monday, June 15, 2009

A few good ways to promote your website

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Create a Yahoo Group ( in the niche your site sits.

Set up your own bulletin board at

Create a Technorati ( account and "claim" your blog.

Conduct a survey.

Place a free ad for your company on Gumtree (

Submit an article about your niche to

Sign up to StumbleUpon ( and get your friends to Stumble your site.

Set up a 301 redirect to take traffic from your non-www address to your www address.

Add a link to your site in the signature of any forums you post on.

Advertise your site on Craigslist (

Create an XML sitemap (http:/ of your site and submit it to Google (

Get a custom t-shirt made with your website url on it, and wear it often.

On your Contact Page ask people if they mind receiving your newsletter.

Use YouTube ( to talk about your site in a video

Donate money to a charity and most will place a link on their site back to you.

Abide to W3C standards ( - it will help your site in the long term.

Greg Cryns

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20 Ways To Make $100 A Day Online

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Customer service story

20 Ways To Make $100 A Day Online

My wife bought an item on eBay. Cost: $98.

She meant to send it to another postal address but somehow that did not register when she received an email notification.

So, she emailed the seller and received no response. Send email sent said "Next time I may consider putting in a negative comment."

An hour later the owner of the eBay store called her. He said he would catch the item at the UPS station and divert it to the desired address.

Moral? If you want to effect change you need to know where their HOT BUTTON is. Fairly easy to see it at eBay but not in other places. You need to refrain from being overbearing or downright rude, though these tactics can be helpful some of the time.

The rules of engagement demand that you need to know the rules. He or she who knows the rules, WINS.

Know the rules.

Greg Cryns

20 Ways To Make $100 A Day Online

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

YOU'RE FAT! and other effective email headlines

20 Ways To Make $100 A Day Online

If you don't think email subject lines are really important, well, please rethink the issue. They are.

About seven years ago I received an email that headlined "You're fat!" I was on a diet at the time and for some reason I clicked the link in the email. Immediately my computer crashed and I knew I'd been sucker punched. (true story)

Here are some headlines in emails I received this morning with my comments:

You've got a new listener on (almost no reaction from me)

t e williams is now following you on Twitter! (maybe if he/she put their real name in)

Nine Email Tactics That Can Put You Out of Business (I will look at it later)

our new secret (pretty good! from a trusted fellow IM guy, Ross Goldberg)

Summer time savings for Greg - get 50% off (I would rather see a dollar amount)

The Two-Edged Sword of the Testimonial (I'm interested, good, inviting headline)

[NPT] Rosalind's Latest Posts (I will read it because I trust the sender)

This is a weird favor, but... (I'll read it, written by experts the Rhodes Brothers)

Bring A Friend Call - Tues, Thur & Sat (sorry, I have no reason to do it)

Eco friendly lunch (I did open this one, not sure exactly why though)

Use your laptop to manage your home (This one from Angie' I passed, sounds like work to me!)

Renee Brown has signed your Ryze guestbook (I will read this one, for sure)

"You'll be excited after you read this one..." (NO I WON'T!)

Win a Family Vacation for 16 People! (NOPE! waste of my time, I'd rather buy a lotto)

For Tue: Bridge to Terabithia (from Netflix - I usually open these to check movies scheduled to send)

[Wahm Search Engine] Digest Number 1912 (Damn, this is the dullest of the bunch and I own this group! Note to self: change the headline)

Greg Cryns

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20 Ways To Make $100 A Day Online

Survey of 300,000 reveals discouraging Twitter stats

20 Ways To Make $100 A Day Online

6.9.09 - MyTwitter posts

HTML clipboard Survey of 300,000 reveals discouraging Twitter stats
If 90% of the tweets are by 10% of the followers, does that make Twitter a viable business?

Interview with Darren Rowse on Building a Better Blog
"some bloggers love designing their blogs so much that they end up sinking a lot of time into continually tweaking how their blogs look, at the expense of actually writing content."

Utah goes Web 2.0
"Utah's government launched a redesigned version of the state’s official Web site today that uses Web 2.0 tools that include the aggregation of 27 state blogs and more than 100 Twitter accounts, according to state officials."

Twitter's employees don't twitter very much.
the 49 people at Twitter Inc., you'll see that the group as a whole averages about 100 to 150 messages per day, or 2 to 3 per person per day."

Scribnia - >Helps You Discover and Rate Bloggers

Scribnia is a community where users discover new bloggers and columnists link:

Twitter chats and sponsored hashtags--how to do it right
Shows examples of how companies are using Twitter to improve the bottom line

Is Twitter For Old Fogies? CNN Study: Young adults haven't warmed up to Twitter

Greg Cryns

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20 Ways To Make $100 A Day Online

Photo by Corey Hulse

Saturday, June 6, 2009

My favorite Internet Marketing forums

20 Ways To Make $100 A Day Online

Here are a few marketing forums I visit with some regularity. I do visit the Warrior Forum more than the others but they are all good and all get a lot of visitors (the essence of a worthy forum IMO)

1. WarriorForum - for creating products, basic internet marketing knowledge - advice: use it for general knowledge and put off buying info products (very active)

2. Associate - all about affiliate programs (moderately active)

3. Digital Point - dicussions on many business topics including Search Engines, Marketing, General Business, Website Design and Development, Products and Tools (very active)

4. - learn about party plan businesses like Mary Kay and Mia Bella Candles and scores more (very active)

5. SelfStartersWeeklyTips - Lynn Terry's forum - it's like Lynn decided one day to make a succesful form and she actually did it! (moderately active)

6. Conquer Your Niche - they talk about "dominating" your market, I don't like that description but it is a very active forum - you will have to go through an opt-in, but it is worth it

7. Free Advertising Forum - it's about free advertising, how about that? ;)

How about you? What is your favorite forum?

Can you name the lady in the picture above?

Greg Cryns

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20 Ways To Make $100 A Day Online

Friday, June 5, 2009

Viral Publicity Stunts

In tough economic times people will seek guerrilla marketing techniques and try new methods of advertising such as audio and video on their blogs and websites.

A publicity stunt is a planned event designed to attract the public's attention to the organizers or their cause. Publicity stunts can be professionally organized or set up by amateurs. Read more at Wikipedia.

I get a kick when I read stuff like "To get more visitors, make a viral video." Well, golly, how does one know how to make a viral video? I can make a video that is funny or interesting. Will it go viral? No one knows. It takes special pixie dust to make that happen.

This article at has a nice long list of publicity stunts from the past.


Promos With a Punch

High Profile Lawsuits - The Ultimate Publicity shows their Top 10 Successful Marketing Stunts.

The Guardian news has its own list of the The 10 greatest publicity stunts

In this video displays their "Top 10 Publicity Stunts".

Photo by Mikeius

Greg Cryns

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Are you listening to me?

If you are in the woods you may hear lots of birds singing. Or, if you listen closely, you may hear the distinctive chirp of a bluebird.

Hearing something means you are collecting sounds from around you through your ears. You are receiving sounds.

Listening to something means you are paying attention to something you hear. The implication is that you are making an effort as opposed to passive collecting.

In online social networking you are often "hearing" things typed into a keyboard. Reading an article uses your eyes rather than your ears but the effect can be the same as hearing.

When you seek out the words of someone you admire in your social network (often through their blog posts), you are more likely to listen to that person as opposed to reading something from someone you don't know much about.

My point is that you need to make a huge effort to get people to listen to you.

If you are a blogger you know how difficult it is to get people to post a comment. You may need 100 visitors to your blog to get one single comment. To me it is obvious that you need visitors who trust and listen to you to get them involved enough to comment.

One of the most successful social network people I've met on the web is Chris Brogan. If you look through his blog archives you will find that Chris started blogging about physical fitness back in 2004. Chris changed his focus to social networking at the end of 2005.

Here is a very short history of Chris Brogan's blog activity since 2004.

Chris's February 2006 posts address,
podcasting and other topics but physical fitness has disappeared. At that time most of his posts were not getting few, if any, comments.

A full year later in February 2007, Chris's posts were getting up to 12 comments and some still had no comments. In February 2008, all of his posts received comments. One post had 28 comments. In February 2009, one post had 73 comments. In May 2009, "The Next Media Company" had 83 comments.

Through tons of hard work and total dedication, Chris became a very trusted individual in the social and blogging spheres. He was and is relentless in his devotion to social networking.

It took Chris more than 5 years to gain a significant foothold on the Internet. Now people listen to Chris.

There are many others who have found success on the Internet. Not all of them are involved in social networking. Not all of them are good writers. Many don't have blogs. But they do have determination and stamina.

Moral? No matter what you do, keep on keeping on.

Chris Brogan added via Twitter: "
and that doesn't count the stuff in 1998 until I moved to WP in 2004. Never get love. I tell people it took me 8 years to get 100 readers. : )- back then in 1998, there wasn't RSS, there wasn't comments. I was using Trellix, Dan Bricklin's WYSIWYG web editor."

Greg Cryns

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20 Ways To Make $100 A Day Online

Support your professional network friends and reap the benefits

20 Ways To Make $100 A Day Online

"One antidote to the fear, stress, and negativity that often accompanies these inevitable economic challenges is giving to others."

This quote is found in a very interesting article by William Arruda for Marketing Profs. The title of the article is "How Do I Love Thee...? Ten Tips for Using Web 2.0 to Give Back to Your Professional Network" and I recommend that you read it here:

Essentially, Web 2.0 is more about giving than taking people's time and money. This idea takes some time to understand and frankly I think that the benefits of social networking are still to be proven.

But it can't hurt to show another professional business person that you care about them and it does not have to cost you much money either.

One recommendation is to buy a domain name for a networking friend. Since domains cost about $9.00 per year I think this would be a gift that would keep on giving. Your generosity will be at the forefront of your recipient's mind for a long time to come.

Another recommendation is "Quote or reference this person in an article you are writing or a presentation you are delivering."

This is an excellent idea, costs no money, and will be remembered by your network friend.

Greg Cryns

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20 Ways To Make $100 A Day Online

All About Paso Robles, California

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

How to remove TEMP files on your computer

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One of the things that can slow your computer down is an excess of TEMPORARY files on you computer.

Here are some links that show you how to get rid of these pesky temp files.

For XP

For Vista:
How To View Hidden Files and FoldersFree Up Space in Windows XP
How To Clear Your IE Cache (Windows)>How do I clear my web browser's cache?

Greg Cryns
The Mighty Mo Website Design and SEO Promotion
20 Ways To Make $100 A Day Online

Firefox connection interrupted

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When I tried to get into Google Adsense I would always get an error message.

"the connection to google was interrupted"

I found this fix for the problem.

In Firefox go to -->tools-->options-->advanced-->Netword-->Settings

You will probably see "No proxy" enabled. Change that to "Auto-detect proxy settings for his network"

That should fix the problem. ;)

If not, you may have to disable GOOGLE GEARS.

-> add-ons-> look for Gears and hit disable -> Restart Firefox

Greg Cryns
The Mighty Mo Website Design and SEO Promotion

20 Ways To Make $100 A Day Online