Tuesday, June 9, 2009

YOU'RE FAT! and other effective email headlines

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If you don't think email subject lines are really important, well, please rethink the issue. They are.

About seven years ago I received an email that headlined "You're fat!" I was on a diet at the time and for some reason I clicked the link in the email. Immediately my computer crashed and I knew I'd been sucker punched. (true story)

Here are some headlines in emails I received this morning with my comments:

You've got a new listener on Blip.fm (almost no reaction from me)

t e williams is now following you on Twitter! (maybe if he/she put their real name in)

Nine Email Tactics That Can Put You Out of Business (I will look at it later)

our new secret (pretty good! from a trusted fellow IM guy, Ross Goldberg)

Summer time savings for Greg - get 50% off (I would rather see a dollar amount)

The Two-Edged Sword of the Testimonial (I'm interested, good, inviting headline)

[NPT] Rosalind's Latest Posts (I will read it because I trust the sender)

This is a weird favor, but... (I'll read it, written by experts the Rhodes Brothers)

Bring A Friend Call - Tues, Thur & Sat (sorry, I have no reason to do it)

Eco friendly lunch (I did open this one, not sure exactly why though)

Use your laptop to manage your home (This one from Angie'sList.com. I passed, sounds like work to me!)

Renee Brown has signed your Ryze guestbook (I will read this one, for sure)

"You'll be excited after you read this one..." (NO I WON'T!)

Win a Family Vacation for 16 People! (NOPE! waste of my time, I'd rather buy a lotto)

For Tue: Bridge to Terabithia (from Netflix - I usually open these to check movies scheduled to send)

[Wahm Search Engine] Digest Number 1912 (Damn, this is the dullest of the bunch and I own this group! Note to self: change the headline)

Greg Cryns

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  1. Hey Greg,

    Cool, thanks for posting our subject line here. ("This is a weird favor, but...")

    Glad you liked it and hopefully you enjoyed the experiment inside.

    All the best,
    Matt Rhodes of "The Rhodes Brothers"

  2. Hahaha! Great compilation of hits and misses here, Dad!