Thursday, July 31, 2008

The 4 Hour Work Week

Today I came across a an interesting blog by Tim Ferris. I never heard his name before so I was a little taken aback by his attitude about Twitter.

Tim says about Twitter, "I don't follow anyone on Twitter. To some, this is sacrilege."

I checked his stats page. Sure enough, Tim follows no one. Yet he has 3,857 followers.

Tim continues, "Imagine that you send an email to 10 people inviting them to a party, but you BCC 100 more casual friends who are uninvited. How will those 100 feel? Offended and somewhat resentful, just as I would."

I thought his attitude was quite haughty until I learned more about the man.

Tim wrote a book called "The Four Hour Work Week". You can buy it at amazon for about 12 bucks. I noticed on Amazon that "others who bought this item also bought" Seth Godin's "The Dip." The puzzle pieces are coming together. Tim is a successful author if scores of people selling his book as affiliates of Amazon is any indication.

His book is mainly about how to outsource as much as possible in your business life so that you have more time for other activities.

I found an interview with Tim by Scott Allen on Here Tim describes how he got caught up in the "overwork ethic" as a salesman for a Silicon Valley company. He was working 80 hours a week. That company went belly up in the 2001 dot bomb debacle. Tim moved on to "pharmaceutical design." A couple of years later he was making very good money at a sports nutrition company. But he felt dissatisfied with the long hours.

Tim started his own company and traveled to 20 countries. He started making more money and working fewer hours. This discovery led to the writing of "The 4 Hour Work Week." Apparently Tim made enough money not to be concerned with mundane activity like following other people.

One of Tim's post on his Twitter page is "Just bumped into Paul McCartney in an Amagansett coffee shop. He was playing a harmonica for a baby in a stroller. How cool is that? "

Learn about Twitter at Twitter Squeeze

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Animoto video software

Check out an interesting new online video-maker:

My son churned this one out in a very short time just by assembling some pictures and using his own music. That's what he does. He writes music. Need some? Noah Cryns. Contact me if you want a quote for your next video.

Here is his short video:

Here is one I made for my chihuahua website:
You can find the full version of the music, "Big Chihuahua" on my site at the top of the main page:

So, there is no longer an excuse for at least trying your hand at making a video for your business.

Do it. The time is now. Don' wait. It's a video world.

Greg Cryns

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

This local businessman gets it

I joined Merchant Circle recently. Pete Johnson, one of our local car dealers, sent me an email today with this picture in it.

Pete does not know me from Adam, but he sure did get my attention.

Maybe the $25.00 off is supposed to be funny? I don't know. But when he sends the next email I will open it.

See, sending out coupons like this can make us drool for more. I also get a message from Walgreen's and Staples about once a week. They are also hip to the new advertising.

Greg Cryns
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Erica is someone to watch

I strongly recommend that you visit a rising star's website. She is Erica, the owner of

Today she posted about offering a waitress $100 to quite her job on the spot. Extremely interesting reading.

Go here:

I had a similar experience at our County Fair this week. We were manning a booth for my wife's business, a local hospital. She is a nurse. Across from us was a booth selling some sort of vacuum that works well on hardwood floors.

I watched the sales lady do her pitch. Over a few hours that is a lot of pitches. She was so energetic that I was tempted to offer her a job with my growing company. Then I realized that what works at a county fair may not work in my small business promotion in Paso Robles.

But that is not what Erica's article is about. Rather Erica relates a story about how we need to treasure our self worth, our essence. That is another story. Go read it.

greg cryns

Monday, July 28, 2008

Twitter dominates my networking life

The strange thing about Twitter is that I "feel" I can make it work but, in no way, am I positive about that.

I am doing some testing. Put a counter on my blog That's this one! ;P

Frankly, I am not seeing huge activity to the blog yet. That is something to take into consideration.

I changed the background of my Twitter home page. Do you like it? Check it out. I think the background could be an important issue at Twitter.

I am testing out 5 minute phone calls hoping that this will strengthen my networking efforts. So, if interested in chatting for 5 minutes, call 805-226-8354. If I am out I will call you back. Just leave a message.

That's it for today. I really need to get some real work done. My clients are getting a bit PO'd.

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Rick Butts and Twitter Squeeze

I think you will like Rick Butts. He is both informative and entertaining.
Founder of
Rick's Blog is also very informatic (new word?)

Rick said in a video that he used to own but that he sold it for $50,000. DON'T GO THERE! YOU ARE WARNED! LOL!

I wondered what's up with other "_utts" domains.

They are all spoken for excepts "" which I bought. Maybe Rick will buy it from me for, say, $99.95? Any other offers? I think it has a nice ring to it?

So, because I have lots of time and nothing to do (ah-ha), here are the results with the consonant first letters (autts is available, I think)

Results: - parked - registered - parked - taking offers - parked - India site - Patrick Reber - who knows? - comics (popups) - home full of Nutts! - golf - I bought it - parked - parked - who knows? - attorney named "Vutts" - search engine - expired on 07/21/08 and is pending renewal or deletion

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Social marketing - I've signed up, finally

Twitter, Facebook, MySpace - the dynamic trio.

For years I've struggled with Search Engine Marketing. The rules change daily.

I've now seen the power of using the social networks, especially Twitter. The only question is how much time I can devote to the tasks.

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Friday, July 25, 2008

Twitter gets bigger

I am overwhelmed by Twitter.

For about a week now (maybe two weeks, time flies when you are having fun) I've been banging at Twitter every day. I've learned there are scores of Twitter tools out there and more to come, I am sure. I am convinced that Twitter will just get bigger and bigger until it explodes into something owned by Microsoft or Google.

My friend, Diane Drayer who has three very good income streams on the Web and off, are planning a webinar about Twitter for our WAHM friends. Diane is out promoting her business with Sentsy this week at the State fair in Missouri so the webinar won't happened for at least two more weeks. I expect it will be in the middle of August.

I don't see many WAHM people on Twitter. I think they could benefit and that is what the webinar will be about.

This evening I phoned into Warren Whitlock's . I didn't know Warren previously except I am following him on Twitter. He is very knowledgable about social marketing and I recommend his Friday night shows whole heartedly.

I need to make this makeshift effort into a real blog soon. When I have time. ....


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Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I am learning about robots.txt file to get rid of an error.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

changing my main page - a big mistake

I made the mistake of trying out WordPress for my new site and then pulling it off after a couple of days.

Well, I guess Google had a bot to my site because now I've lost the listing on Google for a lot of my pages.

Hopefully they will come back soon.

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