Friday, July 25, 2008

Twitter gets bigger

I am overwhelmed by Twitter.

For about a week now (maybe two weeks, time flies when you are having fun) I've been banging at Twitter every day. I've learned there are scores of Twitter tools out there and more to come, I am sure. I am convinced that Twitter will just get bigger and bigger until it explodes into something owned by Microsoft or Google.

My friend, Diane Drayer who has three very good income streams on the Web and off, are planning a webinar about Twitter for our WAHM friends. Diane is out promoting her business with Sentsy this week at the State fair in Missouri so the webinar won't happened for at least two more weeks. I expect it will be in the middle of August.

I don't see many WAHM people on Twitter. I think they could benefit and that is what the webinar will be about.

This evening I phoned into Warren Whitlock's . I didn't know Warren previously except I am following him on Twitter. He is very knowledgable about social marketing and I recommend his Friday night shows whole heartedly.

I need to make this makeshift effort into a real blog soon. When I have time. ....


greg cryns
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