Monday, July 28, 2008

Twitter dominates my networking life

The strange thing about Twitter is that I "feel" I can make it work but, in no way, am I positive about that.

I am doing some testing. Put a counter on my blog That's this one! ;P

Frankly, I am not seeing huge activity to the blog yet. That is something to take into consideration.

I changed the background of my Twitter home page. Do you like it? Check it out. I think the background could be an important issue at Twitter.

I am testing out 5 minute phone calls hoping that this will strengthen my networking efforts. So, if interested in chatting for 5 minutes, call 805-226-8354. If I am out I will call you back. Just leave a message.

That's it for today. I really need to get some real work done. My clients are getting a bit PO'd.

Greg Cryns
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  1. Hi there Greg,
    Twitter me this can you find the time to constantly keep up with twitter and keep your tweets interesting as well as plugging your blogs and other offers without being seen as a nuisance.

    It is a fine balance between socialising and selling yourself for link juice. i am still experimenting with twitter and i am involved in other social networks too , i find that the flock browser is very useful for the social side of my activities.
    Wishing you well in your endeavours. Bill