Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Erica is someone to watch

I strongly recommend that you visit a rising star's website. She is Erica, the owner of Erica.biz.

Today she posted about offering a waitress $100 to quite her job on the spot. Extremely interesting reading.

Go here: http://www.erica.biz

I had a similar experience at our County Fair this week. We were manning a booth for my wife's business, a local hospital. She is a nurse. Across from us was a booth selling some sort of vacuum that works well on hardwood floors.

I watched the sales lady do her pitch. Over a few hours that is a lot of pitches. She was so energetic that I was tempted to offer her a job with my growing company. Then I realized that what works at a county fair may not work in my small business promotion in Paso Robles.

But that is not what Erica's article is about. Rather Erica relates a story about how we need to treasure our self worth, our essence. That is another story. Go read it.

greg cryns

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