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Business blog to avoid looking a bit naff.

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I am working with a client to start up a new business. I automatically suggested that he start a business blog. As an SEO guy I tend to think of blogs as a way to get the search engines to visit your main business site. Other than that, I think the jury is out. Especially when you consider the time spent vs results aspect.

So, I searched "
should businesses blog" to see if I could find some hard hitting reasons why a small business person should do blogging.

The first site said "business blogs 'can offer organizations a platform where information, data, and opinion can be shared and traded among employees, customers, partners, and prospects in a way previously impossible: a two-way, open exchange' " Well, that clarifies it. (dripping sarcasm)

The author goes on to say "Instead of sending out communiqu├ęs through email that may or not be responded to, a blog offers a business a chance to build a real community."

Wait a minute. Is that simply deception? Guess what. I doubt many people visit even the best blogs every day or even every month. If you are shoving your blog message out via a subscriber list, then you are simply doing email which, according to this article, is not very effective.

How about this blog comment:

"Blogging is at the forefront of publicity mediums in today’s connected world, giving anyone or any business the opportunity to get their message out around the world." Every step I take makes me wonder if social network writers are just big bags of gas.

or this one:

"The fact of the matter is that starting a blog can certainly increase your results & add to your bottom line! It can be an inexpensive and quick way to build an online presence."
The fact of the matter? Did this person ever use a business blog? More hot air.

You may say
it makes it easy to add and update content. Gee, if just a few are reading it.... never mind.

You may say
it helps establish a relationship with visitors and build a climate of trust. Just how much BS can one article churn out? Somehow this reminds me of the gulf oil disaster.

I keep looking and continue to strike out, reading social media types tellin me why I should blog.

Then I came across an article that actually makes some sense of this foggy area. Snatching a few emphasis points:

1. It provides an opportunity for SEO through keyword strategies. (yes!)
2. It is fab for lead nurturing, a soft (yet frequent) reminder that you are there. (sort of)
3. It can be used to draw people into deeper content, and thus into your sales funnel. (aggressive selling!)
3. It keeps your website looking up to date. (yes!)
5. It builds a library of content to point people to relevant to a sales conversation you might be having. (forced activity builds good habits)
6. It looks a bit naff these days if you don't.

Not sure what "naff" means (British explative?) but I think that statement is true. If you don't blog in a social networking atmosphere (which the web seems to have become) then you will be thought of as naff.

So, the best reason I can find to commit time and money to business blogging is to avoid looking a bit naff.

What do you think?

Greg Cryns

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