Saturday, December 18, 2010

How Google Buzz Can Help Your Small Business

In an effort to get into the social media trend, the folks at Google created Google Buzz. However, unlike most mainstream social media sites, Buzz offers users the ability to cross platforms. It is designed to offer more usability, and experts expect it to compete with sites like Facebook and Twitter. As a small business owner, Google Buzz may be another great tool to add to your marketing strategy.

What Is Google Buzz?

Google Buzz is an application Google created for Gmail users. It gives them the to the ability to share updates, photos, videos, links and more instantaneously online. Additionally, it is mobile friendly and can be used on both iPhones and Android phones. 

How Can a Small Business Owner Use Google Buzz?

There are essentially two main ways a business owner can take advantage of Google Buzz. The first is to use it like any other social marketing tool. Use it to connect with your prospects and customers by posting relevant and valuable information.

The second use lies in Buzz’s ability to be accessed via a mobile device. You can take advantage of geographic location and send instant messages to specific users. For example, you could create a special promotion for people who just experienced a hurricane and send it via instant message. 

Like other social media sites, business owners can also send private or public messages. This provides you with the ability to connect personally with a prospect or customers. For example, if you’re reading an industry magazine and you see information a client might appreciate, you can send them a quick link to the content. These personal touches can go a long way toward building a lasting relationship.

Tips to Use Google Buzz

Like any social networking site, there are a few rules of thumb and tips to optimize the tool. 

1 - Limit who you follow. Follow too many people and it becomes difficult to create real connections.

2 - Participate. Simply existing on Buzz isn’t enough. You want to also contribute to the network by posting information and by responding to posts.

3 - Mind your security. You can set your security features to keep your followers private. This helps prevent the mass follow trend that is prevalent on other social networking sites. 

Like any social networking site, your results depend largely on what you put into it. Google Buzz is no different. Posting quality content and providing value to your followers is the key to success. If social networking is a large part of your marketing strategy and you have a Gmail account, check out Google Buzz. 

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  1. Hurray for social networking! I'm sure Google Buzz is a great application, but I'm using PerfSpot. I've seen some profiles of big time businessmen there, like Michael Geffrard. I think that it's cool of them to have accounts like that, like it's their way of letting people know that they're as normal as the next guy. I admire entrepreneurs like Mr. Geffrard who don't put themselves on a pedestal.