Friday, May 1, 2009

Using Twitter as a search engine

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Have you used Twitter search ? If so, you probably understand how this tool can be very powerful to gain good information quickly.

In fact, I turn to Twitter search more often then I do Google these days because I like to see what people recommend rather than what Google shows as results. When you see 25 posts on one page about a topic you can quickly scan and pick out the ones that look promising. I don't get the same experience reading a Google results page.

Let's try "national health" for example. You will see many links offered on the Twitter results page, some about National Health care and others about health topics in general. Type in "swine flu" and get a ton of people venting about the subject rather than much useful information. At this time Twitter is getting about 500 posts per minute on the swine flu topic.

Irony: Try searching "Twitter search" in Twitter search. ;)

Try using the same technique at as well.

Frankly, I am not yet sold on the idea of using social networking to promote your business but I am sold on using it as a different form of search.

Pandia has a nice article about using Twitter for Search Engine Marketing.

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All About Paso Robles (nice video of a talented one-man band now)


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