Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Few Incredibly Boring Article Marketing Tips

Originality - write the article yourself! That is not to say you should not consult other already published material. Just write in your own words.

Posting to article distribution websites - the general concensus is to post the article on your own website before you hand it over to Ezine Articles and other article websites. This theory may be baloney but it is better to err on the side of safety to avoid Google ignoring your work.

Keyword phrases - do your keyword research first. Put the relevant keywords into your articles. For example, I consulted Google's Adwords keyword tool and found that "online article marketing" had a decent number of searches. So, I will state here that online article marketing has great value to you. ;) But note that I am not stuffing this article with that phrase. Bad idea as Google does not like to see that spam technique.

Get inbound links - there is no doubt that Google treasures inbound links to a website. Getting your article published on the PR 6 website Ezine Articles is helpful by itself. But if people use your well written article on their own websites, your author's box will assure many more inbound links. See how that works?

As I write this Ezine Articles has a minimum word count of 250 words per article. Personally, I like that number because I think I can put a lot of punch into fewer words than some other people. However, write longer articles as a general rule since you will have much more spider food to hand out.

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  1. I think there's nothing wrong with consulting other published materials. But the article should still have some value-added info.


    Andy Michaels

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