Thursday, September 17, 2009

One way to discover narrow niches

One way to see what people are doing in the niche area is to check out the newest articles at an active article distribution site.

Here is what I found this morning at Ezine Articles:

Want Your Ex Back? What Went Wrong? - Tiffany Dow recently released PLR articles on this topic. I wonder if this author bought her articles and rewrote them? I assume Tiffany researched the market keywords to see if writing such articles would be profitable.

Tutor Wanted - This one intrigued me as I wanted to find out what he or she is selling here, if anything. You know what? Sometimes people write articles "just because". Not often, but sometimes they feel the need to rant or to hone their writing skills. I wrote one yesterday I called "Camping checklist: then and now". Just because I like American history and I wonder how people lived before 1950. I checked the author's box on this one and found he offers a very nicely designed website where you can locate a tutor in your area of the US.

Speeding Traffic Tickets - the fellow who wrote this one is a trial lawyer in Broward County (where is that?).

Cast Iron Cookware - Singing the Praises of Its Versatility and Practicality - I like this one because the author works in a very narrow niche. However, the author put no links in his author bio. I'm not sure what that tells us, if anything. He says he knows a lot about auctions. Maybe he just likes cast iron cookware a lot. ;)

If you are considering niche marketing, I advise you to try extremely narrow niches first. If you need help with that, let me know and I will give you some tips.

How to Care For Orphaned Guinea Pigs in Five Easy Steps - Wow, an interesting topic indeed. This author, it turns out, wants you to join her Guinea Pig newsletter. The link leads you to a splash page to help make that happen. It makes sense. Guinea Pigs are a big market in the US.

How I Found Moccasin Boots Online - Again, a very narrow niche market. The link leads to a show store for women.

Gatwick Car Parking - this is clever marketing. The author wrote an article about this English airport and at the end of the article he says "Next time you fly from Gatwick, leave your car with us to start the perfect holiday for you and your car." Love it!

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