Sunday, May 30, 2010

Interview with founder Jimmy Wales about the history of Wikipedia

Added 6.8.10 - The idea that Jimmy Wales is the "founder" of Wikipedia is being challenged. (link leads to an interesting Wikipedia read)

Wikipedia is a major force on the Internet. Here is a good interview with Wikipedia's founder, Jimmy Wales.

Wikipedia had little money when it started. It ran on three servers until two of them crashed on Christmas day years ago. A fundraiser brought in $20,000 that paid for eight servers.

Since the economic meltdown Wales sees a lot of panic going on. People remember the .com crash in 2000. Don't expect Wikipedia to be sold soon or sell out to advertisers.

Greg Cryns

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  1. You know every time you say Jimmy Wales is "founder" of Wikipedia, you're perpetuating a lie. Look up "Larry Sanger". He's the guy who brought the wiki software/architecture idea to Jimmy Wales. Sanger named it "Wikipedia". Sanger sent out the first invitations to participate. And Sanger crafted most of the key guidelines and policies that still govern Wikipedia today. But Jimmy Wales, the Internet soft-porn merchant, gets to be called "founder"?

    Either people are really gullible or very stupid.

  2. I didn't know that. Is it public knowledge?

  3. You said, "Either people are really gullible or very stupid."

    Possibly uninformed? I think your comment is really elitist.