Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Lucky Day

Sometimes it does pay to get up and get out. 

Recently I bought a used book in a second hand book story. The cost was $1.00. The book was published in 1963. I suspect it was in many personal libraries and book stores over the years and it may move on to even more interesting resting places since I tend to donate my books to the local library.

I skimmed the pages as I always do before I decide to spend much time with a book. I saw something green flash so I skimmed it again, flipping the pages with anticipation. 

There they were. Three crisp, folded once, $20.00 bills that were made in 1963. It's one thing to win a turkey when you buy a chance, it's another to come across serious hard cash. For me, $60.00 is serious money.

I told the story to my doctor this morning in her office. She told me a story of her own. Seems she knows a lady whose husband died a few years ago. He was in real estate and did quite well, said my doctor. His wife was gathering the information for the IRS to determine the estate tax damages. 

The lady knew she had to account for the contents of their two safety deposit boxes, one for her and one for him. She knew he would put some cash into the box whenever he had extra.

She found $40,000 in cash in the box.

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