Tuesday, February 20, 2007

25 Kickbutt Ideas On How To Promote Your Website

1. Set up your own forum at Ryze.com
2. Set up a Lens at Squidoo.com (very worthwhile)
3. Create MySpace, Yahoo, and MSN profiles
4. Use Instant Messaging for social networking
5. Set up a BLOG! Promote it on Technorati.com
6. Post comments on other blogs in your niche
7. Gather email addresses and send a bi-weekly newsletter
8. Write articles and post them in article directories.
9. Use eBay- the world's largest store where all the people congregate
10. Get a Google Adwords account and learn to use it for profit
11. Promote your stuff at CraigsList
12. Host an online party
13. Make an RSS feed with your own articles
14. How about a PodCast?
15. Write an eBook and give it away for free with the link to your site in it
16. Offer a free eCourse (eBook)
17. Review (regularly) some products at Amazon
18. Review products and post them at epionions.com
19. Post a comment a day on your favorite business forum
20. Post your business at Wikipedia for your own town
21. Advertize in Ezines and on websites
22. Create folders at backflip.com
23. Make a video of yourself selling your product and post it at YouTube
24. Contribute to Yahoo Answers
25. Post your photos to Flickr.com
26. Make a Post at Digg.com showing your website address

Generally, there are many ways to promote your blog or website at little or no cost unless you count your labor as "cost". Once you start to earn some big bucks you can then hire help at affordable outlays and do the things that you have learned to do to make you the most money.

For example, if you are blogging daily and you have a significant number of people in your blogging audience, it would be wise to have someone proofread your work for basic punctuation errors before you send it into the blog world. I think the idea of employing a virtual assistant is a no-brainer since they will usually work without demanding a minimum hours policy and you do not have to pay them expensive benefits.

Learn about social networking at Greg's Squidoo site: http://squidoo.com/goaffiliate

Greg's Blog: http://greff.wordpress.com/

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