Sunday, February 18, 2007

Email spam doesn't bother me too much any more.

I have a high tolerance of spam email. That does not mean I like them. But I tolerate them probably because I know it is painful to try to eradicate them.

I've set up my Outlook Express to delete anything with the "V" word in it or the related "P" word. Do men get those ads more than women, I wonder? I have also filtered all email with the "F" word (that is the FREE word not the other nastier one, or is it?). These pesky emails are put into the delete folder immediately.

Strange things do happen in the email world though. My wife and I are both on the same network. She often sends me email and amazingly it often goes directly into the "Junk" file. I told her that once and she gave me a dirtly look. I won't mention it again to her. Only to you.

A couple of developments are perking my antennae. I do not invest in the stock market at all. I wish I could, really, but I just don't have the cashola to do so since most of my funds go into my checking account. That's the one I also call my "retirement fund." So, why am I getting tons of email for stock market hot tips? Why do they think I might read their precious emails?

Here is something that is definitely bugging me about the new breed of email. A lot of it comes in a picture, probably a .jpg file or .gif file. I guess this is how they bypass the ISP spam protection. Actually, I might start using that myself to spam people I don't care much for.

Rush Limbaugh, let me know if you start getting picture only emails.

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  1. If you have Email spam filter then no need to bother about anything.