Friday, August 15, 2008

A Google Map car getting a ticket

People ask me how I find the weird stuff on the Internet.

Well, I found this picture of one of the Google Map cars getting a ticket from the local police is on Flickr:

I found the Flickr picture on this interesting site called Streetviewr.

I found Streetviewr on a very cool and addictive website called EPIC FU.

I found EPIC FU when I was thinning out the people I was following. I came across @Zadi who is the star of EPIC FU. When I saw she had 5,900 followers and that she is following only 450 or so I figured I'd better take a look at her website. Glad I did. And, no, I did not UNfollow Zodi.

The Internet provides strange journeys. One of the reasons I love it.

Greg Cryns

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