Saturday, August 16, 2008

think about the unthinkable

It is time now to talk about the unthinkable.

I get incredibly sad when I see our adored leaders talking about how they can destroy the human race by pushing a couple of buttons.

Yesterday I saw TV commentators show on a big map how Iran's missiles cannot reach the US but exactly how the Russian missiles would land on their targets in the US. They should be screaming about it, not just talking about it. You should be so pissed off that you would take extreme actions to avoid it.

But we don't. We sit on our hands. We try to comfort ourselves by saying "They would never resort to that."

Where there is smoke there is fire and brimstone when it comes to nuclear warfare. Throughout history, humans have used the weapon toys they built, all of them. Our dear and beloved USA used TWO nukes. Correction, our leaders did that. We applauded while our Japanese brothers and sisters had their skin melted.

These people, the leaders, MUST be put in their place, IMMEDIATELY. We MUST learn to control them, QUICKLY. We cannot sit back on our hands and shrug. All is at stake. Everything.

And we are talking about McCain and Obama? Abortion? Environment? Energy?

Our thoughts are misplaced.

Don't think it can't happen. People do not understand how the old "Cold War" almost destroyed the planet. We came so close in the Cuban Missile Crises. SO CLOSE to extinction.

If it did there would be no "I told you so's" to shake our fingers with. There would be no people with fingers to do it. Our children and grandchildren would be ashes.

Is this depressing? It should be. Depressing thoughts are a drag. Most people deny it can or will happen. Most people shrug.

Stop shrugging!

I actually cried when I watched this video thinking that all beautiful things that exist on this earth, including human creations like the music, could evaporate overnight.

greg cryns

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