Friday, August 1, 2008

Jack Humphrey's "Top 142 Social Marketing Blogs on the Web"

I don't know him personally but I like and admire Jack Humphrey. He is an expert on internet marketing.

Recently he published "Top 142 Social Marketing Blogs on the Web" and then he explained why he put this list together on his radio show that broadcasts on Fridays. The point about the "Top 142" is that he put up hotlinks to all 142 blogs. Jack is not afraid to link out from his blog. More importantly he suggests that we all do more of it.

I agree. The more good info we give YOU, our readers, the more readers we will get. It works that way. You are not losing ground, you are gaining ground by posting good links.

For myself, I will visit each and every one of the Top 142. I want to see what they offer. I want to learn more about Interent marketing through blogging. A lot of other people I talk to also want to be successful bloggers. Not so many will pursue it with vigor. That is actually good for the ones that do.

Less competition. ;P

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