Monday, August 4, 2008

Marketing spam

A guy went up to the office of Chicago's Mayor Richard Daley (the father).

Daley says, "Who sent you?"

Guy says, "Nobody."

Daley says, "We don't want nobody nobody sent!"

This applies to internet marketing email too.

If all that you send to your list are greedy "buy this" messages then you are SPAMMING too.

greg cryns


  1. Greg,

    Great post.

    I remember in the offline world telling those that worked for me in any kind of selling capacity...

    If all you do is see the customer at times you want to sell them something, then they'll soon start dreading the thought of hearing your name.

    People buy from those they like and trust... not badger for a buck or a commission... every waking moment...



  2. Fantastic Twitter words! The Twitterverse is growing by the second!! :)