Thursday, October 22, 2009

How can I tell if a web page is secure?

How can I tell if a web page is secure?

Many of us dish out personal information daily on the Internet. This may be hazardous to your financial health if you do not know how to tell if a web page is secure.

Be aware of these facts:

When you put information into a "form" on a web page, the transmission passes through many computers before it reaches its desired destination. Remember this is most often common text that anyone can read.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) makes encryption possible so people cannot read your text until it reaches the intended destination. So, if a web page has an active SSL session it is secure. Every time you give any personal information the page should be secured or you may have problems.

How can you tell if the page is secure?

Look at the page URL in the address bar. Usually you see "http://" at the beginning. If the page is secured you will see "https://".

You've seen those "lock" icons, right. They are found outside of the viewing area. Internet Explorer will show it on the lower right of the browser window. Double click on that icon to make sure someone is not trying to fake you out by showing a fake lock icon that has no value.

Be careful out there!

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