Thursday, October 15, 2009

Four Not So Special Ways To Generate Incoming Links

Four Not So Special Ways To Generate Incoming Links

There is one common denominator for all websites and blogs that want to increase their targeted visitors - they need incoming links. Why? Because without them it is most difficult to get high search engine positions.

Here are some ways to gather incoming links:

1. Write good articles and submit them to Ezine and In your author's box, link back to as many pages within your website as possible. It is not smart to keep linking back to the main website page because, I hear, that one is enough from any one source. That means you could link to your main page from both article directories, but after that link to interior pages.

2. Backup your website efforts with a nice BLOG. You can make your blog be a DoFollow blog and this will help push some juice toward your website. Blogs also make excellent places to direct your friends on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. If people get to know and like you, they are more apt to check out and read other things you offer.

3. Post comments on DoFollow blogs. If you post a good comment people will click the link you provide. They may actually buy something from you if you are posting in blogs related to your niche. But all blog comments will improve your link count to your website.

4. Ask other site owners to link to your site. Offer them a nice article or somethng else of value.

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