Tuesday, October 6, 2009

How to Make More Sales by Building More Backlinks

Guest Post
by Andy C. Moore

So you are interested in making money on the internet or maybe you are already earning a handsome income online, but most importantly you are not one of those people whose face go all quizzical when someone say I am an internet marketer. That means unlike people who never thought that they could make a living by working from their home, you know the worth of being ranked number one in the search engine for a competitive keyword or even a less competitive keyword.

Most of the people who are involved in internet marketing or affiliate marketing like quick bucks, they prefer squeeze pages and PPC ads in order to promote their products. You and I know it very well that in traditional market place a shop at a busy corner where lot of people happen to go, always receive more business than a shop at a quite place. A stock broker can have the nicest office in Nevada but he can never compete with the one sitting in Wall Street. This is how things work in conventional market. If you are thinking that you are an internet marketer and you don't have anything to do with all this and you have lots of websites that people can visit from all over the planet, you are wrong! Did it ever occur to you to contemplate how things work in the internet market place? Well, let me tell you something interesting, they work exactly the same way as they do in conventional market place. The busy corners of internet are top result pages of major search engines. The sites that you see at top couple of pages when you search for a keyword receive real business that is associated with that keyword, rest of the competitors get the left over. Sure you can buy those top placements, but whom are you kidding? We all know that those top PPC placements consume a significant amount of our profits. Now you see what I am talking about?

Now the question is how do they get there on the top search results pages? The answer lies in a little bit of on-page optimization (SEO) and a massive amount of backlinks with proper anchor titles and that's it. Sure building backlinks for your website is a hectic task but don't you see how wise of an investment it is? The vast majority of internet users type the keyword in the search engine whenever they are looking for something. I am sure you know it from personal experience. Can you tell how many of those prospects have you missed who were looking for exactly what you are offering but they couldn't find you because they were never aware of the existence of your website? So, if you want to expand your online business to new horizons, you know exactly what to do. Yeah! Get more backlinks for your website.

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  1. I've learned that backlinks are hugely important.

  2. I think if I ever have enough money to really splash out on marketing my sites, I'm still not going to go with the ads you see on Google when searching for something, that the website owners have paid for to be there. I don't click those. I'm sure many people do click them, but being a web designer probably helps me realise that the sites that are appearing on page one or two without having paid to be there, are the ones that probably have better content, and more of the words or information that I'm searching for. Those are the ones I click. I also check how many results there are for my particular search word, and if there's millions, I give the guys on page 3 or 4 or 5 a chance too, and I go see what their sites have to offer me too. If there's millions of results, they've done really well with their SEO efforts to still appear in the top 50. I prefer to reward hard work, whether the website owner has done it himself, or paid for others to do the hard work, than to reward people who pay for their ads to appear on page one of particular search engines - their sites don't always have what I'm looking for, while the others mostly do.