Thursday, December 10, 2009

Experts can hurt you

Hey, I'm not dissing experts. They do have their place. It's a little like modern medicine. It gets so complicated that you need to be careful with it. But when you need what it can do, well, grab it!

However, experts carry a lot of old baggage with them. They tend to depend on past successes and overlook new ways to create good opportunities. For example, expert opinion on the Trader Joe's grocery store said it couldn't be done. Now it is a fantastic money maker.

Call the experts in when you have a thorny problem. Just be careful to think outside the box and take what they offer with a grain or two of doubt. Be pliant. Take risks. Don't rely on past successes to carry you further. Sometimes consulting a newbie can be more profitable. Really.

Here is an old story that might make sense for you:

The man who knew too much

There once was a student who was very knowledgeable. One day he went to his master's house. When they were seated opposite each other, the master began to pour the tea while the student began to tell him what he know. The more the student talked, the more the master poured.

Soon the student's cup was running over, the saucer overflowing and the tea spilling on his clothes.

The student asked the master why he had kept pouring the tea.

The master replied, "When the mind is filled to overflowing, like the teacup, there is no room for anything new in it."

Eventually the student realized what the master knew immediately - that he was all wet!

(note: "all wet" means "full of it")

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