Tuesday, December 8, 2009

If you don't make waves, you'll drown

Risk takers live or die by three cardinal rules:

Rule 1: Prepare
Rule 2: Prepare
Rule 3: Prepare

Is there such a thing as a cautious risk taker?

When you see someone who is successful in any endeavor or business, you do not see the months and years of preparation through hard work that went into getting to that position. We see the final destination, but not the journey.

Some people think the Beatles rock group were an overnight success. Not so. They went through years of practice Not long before their first big hit song was published, they played 48 shows in Hamburg. Germany. These were not rock and role clubs. They were strip clubs. Those were tough performances.

The Beatles were risk takers. George Harrison had to lie about his age of 17 so the band could play in Hamberg. Later Harrison was reported and deported. McCartney and drummer Pete Best were also deported when they set a condom on fire that was hanging from a nail in their room.

The Beatles returned to Hamburg in 1960 for more gigs. Returning to Liverpool, the Beatles became locally famous at a small club in Liverpool known as The Cavern Club. However, the band kept going back to Hamburg where a single called "My Bonnie" made the charts.

The Beatles took chances and had their eyes set on the prize. They never stopped preparing.

I think you will find a similar story behind nearly every successful business.

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