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SEO goals - what do you want?

Do You Really Want Your Site on Page One of Google?
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Do you really want your website on page one of Google for your
chosen keyword phrase(s)? What do you want your online marketing
campaign to accomplish for you?

I asked a potential new SEO Coaching client that first question
last week. From my end of the phone call, it sounded as if he
almost fell out of his chair!

I followed up by asking him if he could ever think of ANY reason
for his website pages NOT to be found on page 1 in the Google
SERPs (search engine results pages).

How 'bout you? Can you think of any reasons you'd NOT want your
pages to be found for your targeted keyword phrases on page 1?

Keep in mind, I'm talking about your chosen keyword search

I can think of at least 3 reasons. Maybe you can come up with
some of your own.

Is There Commercial Intent?

Let's say you have not just a page 1 Google result, but you're
actually the first result. Here is an important question for you
to ask yourself.

What is the commercial intent of this keyword phrase? Do the
words contained in the keyword phrase give any indication of
someone getting ready to spend money on a product or service like
you offer?

For instance, compare these keyword phrases: Keyword Research,
Keyword Research Specialist and Keyword Research Consultant. The
latter 2 phrases give an indication of someone who is getting
ready to spend money.

You can also Google the Microsoft Commercial Intent Tool and
consider its' results when evaluating your keyword search phrase

If you are targeting a keyword phrase that has questionable
commercial intention at best, is there any reason to really be
found on page 1? Wouldn't it be better to target more
appropriate phrases instead?

If there's no commercial intent, how does that help your online

Can you see where I'm going?

How Much Traffic Really Matters

Now, I'm giving you a choice: you can have a first page result
(with commercial intent) and your position number is 4.

Your other choice is a different keyword search phrase with a
second page result, position number 12, also with commercial

So, the choice is obvious?

Well, I forgot to give you the rest of the details.

The first page choice has monthly search queries for its' phrase
of 3,240.

The second page result choice has monthly search queries for
its' phrase of 22,167.

Do you still believe that the best choice in this example is the
first page result?

According to numbers from Aaron Wall's site, approximately 6% of
search users will click on that number 4 result in Google.
That's 194 visitors in a month.

This is figuring average title and description tags of typical
online marketing ability to convert to a click. "Your mileage
may vary."

And for that second choice, the second page result? Over 1%
should click on the search result, but let's use just 1%.
That's 222 visitors per month.

Last time I checked, 222 is more than 194, so the second page
result trumps the first page result, because the second page
result has much more traffic than can convert to a transaction.

How Many Google AdWords Ads Show For Your Chosen Keyword?

If you don't see many AdWords ads, this should be a warning!

One of 2 problems exist (or both):

1. There isn't enough traffic for AdWords advertisers to target
the phrase.

2. There isn't commercial viability for the phrase.

Either way, is a first page result going to help you? Probably

The Value Of A Committed Searcher

Want a recipe to waste your time (or your employees')?

Get a first page result in Google for your keyword search phrase
and place your toll-free phone number in big numbers on the top
right of each of your Web pages.

People clicking the first result in the SERPs are often less
serious than those who go through the first few results or who
continue searching onto the second page.

There may be something to be said for avoiding people who almost
randomly click the first result and who may have impulse control

Now, if you have a large staff to answer your incoming phone
calls AND if your conversion rate from those calls is strong,
then the potential problem I described probably isn't a problem
for your business.

On the other hand, if you are a solo professional, this strategy
can be hazardous!

How are you going to perform your paid work when you get
"Internet lookiloos" asking you questions they could get
answered, if they would simply read a few words on your website?

Are these the best potential clients for your services or
products and the best use of your time?

A second page result could bring you more serious potential
customers, people who might be more likely to actually READ your
website content, understand your products or services better and
who might be more likely to convert to a transaction.

It's sure something to think about. :-)

Don't get me wrong. I'm not against first page rankings for
your online marketing. I'm just for thinking a little further
down the road than JUST first page rankings.

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