Wednesday, December 23, 2009

You can make a living on the Internet

A friend of mine called me yesterday. I had not heard from her by phone in a few months. I did send her a special eCard for Christmas two days before.

She is a web marketing pro. That means she worked like a dog for seven years building her own websites and taking chances on other web properties. Two years ago she told me one of her ventures was providing a living for her and her husband. She was not getting rich off that business, but rather she was more comfortable.

She also sells candles. For the past two years she worked diligently to build a large team (downline) in her candle business.

Her check this month is $37,000 for her candle business. That's pure profit, friends.

People say you can't make money on the web. Yes they can.

Greg Cryns
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