Sunday, April 5, 2009

12 Seconds offers value to social networkers

Have you discovered 12 Seconds yet?

12 Seconds is a fast rising social network featuring very short videos (12 second max length) from anyone who wants to post one (within reason with the usual caveats).

The most important aspect of 12 Seconds to me is how easy it is to put a video on my website or blog. Uploading to YouTube can be a drag.

Other uses may be simply to put a message out to the social networks, send a link to grandpa, research topics and keywords.

Just for grins and giggles check out The Girls of 12 Seconds .

Here is an example of how one fellow uses 12 Seconds to promote his newsletter:

Welcoming You to my Twitter page on

Here is Cate Sevilla showing her business card

Business Cards! on

Dave Saunders talks about his Webinar

Just finished tonight's webinar on

The uses for 12 Seconds are as big as your imagination.

Photo by Chad Arizona

Greg Cryns
The Mighty Mo Web Design and Website Promotions

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  1. Cool! I like the idea of a 12-second video...kind of takes the pressure off! :)