Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Power of Google: case study

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A month ago I received a very disconcerting email from Google.

I was told that someone had hacked into one of my websites and placed some malicious code on one or more of the pages of a profitable website I own. Google told me it would suspend the site from its directory for "at least 30 days."

I use the Firefox browser that somehow determines that there is a bad code problem with any web page I surf to. Before I made the change I went to my site and sure enough a warning box appeared on my browser window exclaiming that I could get into the site at my own peril.

The folks at Google were very understanding. They said it was understood that I was probably not to blame and I was advised to go through my site, page by page, to find and delete any suspicious code. I did this and I did find something on the main page. I wish I had examined the code more closely but I was so anxious to get rid of that warning box that I just erased that code snippet and uploaded the page to my server.

I did not contact Google. Maybe I should have, but I had a lot going on. I planned on contacting the company but I dropped the ball because I was very busy. Also, I was getting some traffic from Yahoo, MSN and a few other places.

Two days ago I noticed that this site was showing increased activity when I checked my Adsense report. I went to Google to find out if any pages had been re-indexed. (You can do this by typing in "site:(your site name)" into the Google search engine.

My heart skipped a beat when I saw that all the pages were re-indexed by Google. This leads me to the real reason I am writing this post, the power of Google.

Below is a graphic showing the number of unique visitors I had this month (4/09) from 4/6 through today 4/15. My site was re-indexed early on 4/12. The visitor count was 26 on 4/11 and 107 on 4/12. Keep in mind that this is a well established website, with decent PR. So, Google not only put it back on the Internet map, it brought it back with everything intact including my high placements for key words.

When Google came back into the picture for this website, I started getting more than six times the number of visitors I was getting with the other sources. This is the number I was getting before the site was removed from Google's index.

My sincere thanks to Google for keeping its word and for its great customer service team.

Greg Cryns
Wahm Search Engine

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  1. Wow! Proof that there really is only one search engine. :)