Thursday, April 30, 2009

Some quick tips for Windows XP users

Want to change your Start Menu?

1. Right click a blank spot on the Start Menu.
2. Select Properties
3. Select "Start Menu" at the top
4. Check or uncheck the boxes as you see fit!

Want to rearrange your Desktop items?

1. Right click on an empty space on your desktop, highlight "Arrange Icons By"
2. make your choices!

How to clean up those Firefox cookies on your computer

1.) Open a new browser window
2.) Click on Tools
3.) Click on "Clear Private Data"
4.) Click on "cookies" and anything else you want to delete
5.) Click on OK in the "Clean Private Data Now"

These are direct links to the Windows help page:

Use a Web graphic for your desktop background

Speed up menu display

Manually put your computer into hibernation
Make it easier to pick up where you left off using your laptop, without shutting it down or draining the battery. Learn how to put your computer into hibernation.

Schedule a task to defragment drives
Is your computer getting slower? Your hard drive may need to be defragmented. Have Windows XP automatically do it once a week to keep your computer up to speed.

Add a shortcut to your desktop
Want a faster way to get to that file or folder? Create a shortcut on your desktop so you can access it quickly.

Create a personal screensaver using your photos
Make a screensaver you'll love with the digital photos on your computer. Windows XP makes it easy.

Add new programs to your All Programs menu alphabetically
If you're overwhelmed by the number of items listed on your All Programs menu, make it easier to find what you want by sorting them alphabetically.

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