Tuesday, August 4, 2009

9 Website startup tasks

We had a conference phone call with our new client who provides a volunteer travel service to Africa. This concept is new to me but the work needed to launch a new website is similar for all new websites. She asked for some advice on SEO. Here are my recommendations to get the website up and running.

1. Employ an Adwords campaign for "micro lending" and "volunteer travel" as soon as your website it up and running. You can limit the amount you want to spend per day until we get some action.

2. Set up an auto responder - Aweber or ConstantContact - start a mailing list.

3. Make a blog post a minimum of 3 times a week, the more the better

4. Employ social networking: add LinkedIn and Twitter profiles in addition to Facebook. Claim your presence on the turf.

5. Local - There are some things we can do to make you the go-to person where you live.

6. Buy a domain name with "volunteer travel" in it. Maybe also one for "micro lending". Domains cost about $10 per year each.

7. Get working on those articles. You don't have to wait to have your site live to do that. Refine the lists I sent to your specs.

8. Get an incoming link or two to your website from a .edu or .org site - extremely helpful for Google's trust - a major link project is costly

9. Think of your website as part of your business structure, not separate. Many business people think of the site as the poor stepchild.

There is much more involved to getting targeted traffic. This is just for starters.

Greg Cryns


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