Tuesday, August 18, 2009

When we were young and goofy kids

Picture: The Magnificient Mile in Chicago.

I received an interesting message from a friend in Chicago. He is a good friend and a very successful doctor now.

This post sure has nothing to do with internet, marketing, small business. But I just felt I needed to post it as it says a lot about life from an older guy's perspective.


Had an interesting experience Sunday.

We went to the Air and Water Show to watch from an apartment at 1300 LSD. There was a storm and we were late.

So while walking over many groups were leaving the beach and going home. I saw all these rag tag kids running around goofing off. How inappropriate for the Gold Coast!

Watching from above LSD the rest were running around the lakefront. Poorly dressed in large groups. I laughed...that was me 50 yrs ago. My mother would always drag us down to such events. She would always allow us to bring friends.

And we were those same poorly dressed kids running around having fun being looked down on by the Gold Coast.

But then we never even knew it.

That may have something to do with the way I experience the world now also. It made me feel a little uncomfortable in the condo with all those folks from the Gold Coast.

But I did have to have a silly grin come to my face every time I saw those knuckleheads carrying on in ways inappropriate for the Gold Coast.

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