Monday, August 31, 2009

David after Youtube

David Devore took his kid to the dentist. He videoed his son in the back seat during the trip home. The son was talking nonsense and acting like he was high. He was.

David Devore (the father) submitted the video of his drugged up son to Youtube. The rest is history.

The Youtube hit-o-meter went nuts. It read 28 MILLION visits to that page.

If you visit the video page now, you are likely to see ads for many products. See the one in the square next to the video picture? Google made a deal with David Devore to share in the clickthrough revenue on the page, just like they do for the Adsense folks.

Devore made $25,000 so far. He will continue to make money as long as people keep forwarding the video to their friends via email. He made a "viral" video. That's what the ad people call it.

You could also share in profits if you create a video like this one and get REALLY lucky.

Since it is quite impossible to make a viral video, we can piggyback on a successful video like this guy did:

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