Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Building the list - a few techniques

Building a good, responsive email list is a lot of hard work. Make no mistake about that.

Here are some techniques people use to get people to join their email list:

1. Blogging - in my opinion, this must be done. You need a place to send people to check you out. If you send them to a formal website, you risk losing them.

2. Social networking - this helps people to get to know and trust you. If you have a good blog, people will join your newsletter list if they like your personality and your approach to business. You can use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to show people where your blog is.

3. Video - don't pass this one by. I have not done this yet, but I will because I personally prefer to learn from videos than reading text so I figure there are plenty more people who are like me. You need to do a lot of writing, though, to pick up the people who are not video oriented. Using a comination of blogging and video is very powerful.

4. Podcasting - some people prefer the radio style audio format rather than video. As one fellow said, if you look like a dork, do podcasting. Well, you don't have to actually have your mug in the video. You could simply do a show and tell like this . I am not a big fan of podcasting.

Make a sign for your desk so you will see it every day when you sit down to do your tasks.


Not saying that is the only way to succeed. Not at all. But if you are going to be successful online, it is, in my opinion, the best way.

Continuing the list building adventure tomorrow. Must see a doctor in a bit. Nothing life threatening, just needs to be done.

Greg Cryns
The Mighty Mo Website Design and SEO Promotion

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