Thursday, February 4, 2010

How To Get Backlinks

If you understand that getting one-way backlinks can help your website, you would go out and get them. Not an easy task. Here are some good places to consider for obtaining those much needed inbound links:

Article Directories
Reciprocal links
Forum posting
Blog Commenting
Social bookmarking
Squidoo pages
Hub pages -
yahoo answers
ibibo swaals - -

Other ideas:
Hold an online competition offering a desirable prize.
Craigslist SEO Secrets
Rent/Buy Links? (not sure about this one, checking, report back later)
Write articles for powerful sites (PR5 and higher)
Be a News Breaker or the next best thing
(thanks SEO blog!)
Be surprisingly and deliberately negative
(SEO blog)
Get an .edu backlink

Get Backlinks from Twitter? (daily blogger)

Don't do thesse things to get backlinks:

- Article Spinning? - forget it! (anything you do to spam search engines will eventually hurt you)
- Don't do a search for "submit website" - takes far too long to find a worthy site
- 3 way links - just another way to spam google

If you have other ideas, please post them here!

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