Sunday, February 14, 2010

How to keep content out of Google

There are so many questions about how to use Google's Webmaster Tools.

Summary of video below

How do I get my links and content out of Google?
"Secret Server Page"? Don't use that. It will probably come up in Google.

Use these instead

instead. (highly recommended -Google bots will not guess your password)
Robots.txt - electronic "no tresspassing" sign.
NoIndex meta tag (tells Google not to see that page at all) - but Yahoo and Bing will see the link - problem - webmaster may forget to take the tag down - Google can abide by the request only if it has crawled the page
NoFollow on individual links - weak, but you may miss some links - someone may link tothat page anyway and Google will pick up that link and index the page
URL removal tool in Webmaster Tools - highly recommended - powerful tool with safety net - if you make a mistake, you can fix it quickly- you can remove the whole domain if you like

Here is a video by a Google engineer Matt Cutts on the subject of webmaster tools.

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