Sunday, February 7, 2010

Internet marketers John Reese and Frank Kern interview Tony Robbins

Everyone wants to make a lot of money. Is that true? (I think it's not true)

I am seeing a subliminal message coming through the web that the Internet Marketing gurus are suffering like the rest of us since the economic meltdown of 2008. It's logical. I've seen some of them say it's time for them to turn to mentoring instead of product releases. I'm not seeing as many product launches either. Seems to me guru sales are down too.

In the opening of this video, Tony Robbins mentions that the falling economy is making even the gurus reassess their position in life. I encourage you to watch this video put together by three very successful people. I feel that these men really want to help people (and make more money).

Background: John Reese and Frank Kern are very successful Internet Marketers. Tony Robbins made huge money offline.

Issue: why do some people break through the barrier and become successful. More importantly, why do so many people fail at Internet Marketing?

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  1. I liked the way you have explained the term internet marketing because it's very important to know before you get started with it.