Saturday, March 6, 2010

Can free stuff hurt your business?

Free stuff.

How much free stuff is out there? Seems like there is more free stuff than paid stuff these days.

Yet some are drawn to it like a moth to the flame. Hey, I speak from experience here.

We all like something for nothing but there are those people out there who go over the top searching for free deals. Free hosting, free promotion, free web design, free sales copy writing and so on.

It just doesn't work.

You will not get anything set up if you're looking for everything that's free.

Granted, shop around for a good deal if you can, but when it comes to the fundamentals of your business, your scripts, your hosting especially, don't go with the free option because quality will suffer, and your customers will be able to see that too, which is something we definitely want to avoid.

Greg Cryns

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