Sunday, March 21, 2010

WAHM membership site redo

I am about to do some rework on my membership website Work At Home Profiles.

Here are some details about the website history:

1. The site was established a few years ago but I did not promote it as I should have. It has a page rank 2 and a few good incoming links. The cost to join is $3.77 per month. Members get a full page ad.

2. It was initially designed for the WAHM folks, the hard working people who bring you some very fine products to use in your own life. Here is a listing of many of these "party plan" companies.

3. The main idea for the website is to give the Work At Home people a place to put a full page and description of themselves. This includes links to their business websites. Mainly, though, I want the members to talk about their personal lives a bit. I think people these days want to know more about the person behind the program or product.

4. The member's only area includes many tips about marketing for the WAHM area and other business types. What I have found is that the WAHM people know little about marketing in general so they don't know what to ask about how to promote their businesses.

5. New members will also get a main page for one week and a permanent link inside on .

This morning I received an email from a dear lady who wanted to know if joining a link trade membership website was a good idea.

Well, frankly, she is way ahead of most other WAHM marketers who don't fully understand the value of incoming links to grow a business. What seems so obvious to me is not obvious to my members. We need to keep this in mind as teachers.

I advised her not to pay for such a service. My experience and research tells me they do not help you and they can even hurt you for search engine marketing.

Some immediate changes:

1. feature each member on a weekly basis instead of a monthly basis.

2. send out email to my members at least once a week

I am considering adding a FORUM to the website, but not sure about that yet. Frankly, I think I would rather refer my members to a couple of good forums on other websites.

So, please check out these websites and offer suggestions about how to increase traffic and anything else you can think of.

Greg Cryns

Work At Home Profiles
Wahm Search Engine


  1. I don't see Beachbody on your list? Do you have a place for me? Is there a place where I can read more about what my $3.77/month would cover? Very interested!

  2. Tiffany,

    Yes, you are welcome. :)

    Actually, I am not limiting the number of people who can join from a single company. I'm not sure it is good business to do limit.