Thursday, March 11, 2010

MORE nifty Google Alert tips

In Feb 2009 I posted an article about how you can use Google Alerts to improve your business. The ideas keep coming, so here are some more.

1. If you want to find articles about your city, state or country do it like this - location: california or location: london or location: israel

2. Get your news from one source like this - source: los angeles times or source: msnbc (risking showing my political leaning) or source: google news (one of my favorites)

3. Get news about your favorite TV show - "curb your enthusiasm"

4. Save money: coupon kohls or coupon walgreens

5. Get reviews on movies or TV shows - review movie or review TV

6. I am a sucker for "tips" like gardening tips or driving tips

7. Track news stories about someone (include quotes around your search term) like this: "susan boyle"

useful sites for more info:
Use Google Alert to find if your Website is Hacked
Adam Green: Mr. Google Alerts

Please post your ideas in the comments!

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  1. I have been using Google alert from long time..and when it comes to monitoring your social media presence .. I believe Alert is the best...Thanks for adding some useful tips here :)

  2. Harsh,

    Thanks for your comment. I find myself ignoring the Google Alerts because I have so many. Ich!

  3. Thanks very useful information for all bloggers.