Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Email headlines- good and bad

I am going through my Spam file on Yahoo's email program. There are some messages in there that I want to open, but most of them are, well, spam.

To make life interesting (?) I culled some of the email Subject lines. Wondering which I would save for future reference?

the top 24 online businesses
how an online beginner makes $4,000 in first month
If I had to start from scratch, I would... (new webinar)
did they really say that?
I agree with SCIENCE: Multi-tasking is multi-failing
Customers With Gmail? Watch This...
greg, Good Copy VS. GREAT Copy...
$250,000 Policy for for around $10 a month!
INSANE bonus Greg...(super affiliate MADNESS)
Fwd: wanna see my video?
A note about the Human Time Machine...
gregory , Get Out Your Calendar Quick!
here's why you'll regret buying List Control...
why I'm leaving...
Reminder: Free Webinar Today - How to Boost Sales

Greg Cryns


  1. Some of those are pretty good. I occasionally can get fooled into opening a good one. Thanks God for Spam filters.

  2. I'd probably save absolutely none of those.