Sunday, October 12, 2008

How not to "make money" on the Internet

When I see stuff like "How to make money on Twitter" or "ways to make money on the internet" I get a little sad and a lot angry.

There is no letting go of the hacking, thuggish ways of the 20th Century.

Old Style marketers keep coming at us with their marauding style of ugly approaches.

Listen up marketers. The Old School style of marketing is falling apart at the seams. Look at General Motors. Look at your local banks. Look at the business vacancies in your neighborhood.

Isn't it time to try something new?

Here are some recent posts on Twitter that just smell up the joint:

Make Money Scrapbooking

New blog post: Make Money and Save the Environment

New blog post: How To Make Money From Home With Articles And Niche Websites

Survive From Financial Crisis by Make Money Blogging

Do u want to make money? Become part of our team.

Want to Make Money Online?

Google’s YouTube: Finally, A Way To Make Money

Benefits and Pitfalls of Generating Free MLM Leads: You can make money in Multi Level Marketing MLM

How To Make Money Fast On The Internet

They want me to click on their incomprehensible offers and their oh-so meticulously preplanned "launches"?

Not everyone has a herd mentality.

Go away, spammers. I've got better things to do with my time.

Greg Cryns

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  1. Thanks, Greg. I appreciate you telling it like it is.
    You have a great point of view.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Well said! It will take some time, but the people/companies doing it right will succeed in the long haul.

    Until everyone realizes that this new medium of communication requires new ways of communicating, we will be subject to the same old ploys from the "get rich quick" crowd. ...and once they get it, expect a whole new batch of "get rich quick" spam! haha!

  3. Greg - well - we have had as a society a great many businesses that have advertised the make money genre for years on matchbook covers as well as in the back sections of so many magazines and so it is nothing that is really new - but just seems like it is coming at the viewer in a more blatant fashion because of the nature of the Internet - I always wonder though, that there must be some people who respond to the matchbook ads as well as to those that you are referring to in your entry - is it possible that they work for someone - somewhere down the line?

    and now that I have placed this down on the screen - I am wondering if the twitter arena is in fact more of a matchbook cover or the back of a magazine type of arena - is this possibly the case? of course that may not include everyone - but perhaps a large number of the crowd - I myself would either ignore what is in the back section that I did not like or simply not look there at all - might I be missing something of value? perhaps and perhaps not - there are other ways and places to gain the same knowledge or to find out about what is in a specific place -

  4. I guess I don't mind it as much because I got into Twitter expecting it. And I also know that I can unfollow anyone who's really getting on my nerve.