Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Correct those embarrassing grammar mistakes

There are some grammar mistakes that keep popping up in emails I receive every day. This is bad news for the sender because the mistakes tell me the person sending the email is not too concerned about getting it right.

I don't think any less of the sender as a person but such mistakes cast a shadow on the possibility of doing business with him or her in the future.

Here are just a few of the common errors that make me cringe:

1. Titles of books and articles should be italicized.

2. These were sent by SEO expert, Robin Nobles:

receive (remember: i before e except after c)
all right (alright is not a word)
a lot (should always be two words)
cannot (preferred way to spell)

3. Loose instead of lose
Right: You may lose your money if you gamble.
Wrong: Are your trying to loose weight?

4. They're (they are) for their
Right: They're going to win this time.
Right: Why don't they wash their hands?

5. Effect for affect
Right: The effect of bad grammar can be damaging to your business.
Right: The way you dress can affect your business.

6. Then for than
Right: If you need good exercise then consider fast walking.
Right: You are shorter than you look.

7. You're (you are) for your
Right: You're going to enjoy this.
Right: Be sure to brush your teeth.

8 Web site or website
Right: the jury is out on this one. I think website is good for most Internet articles and communication, but web site may be better for formal papers.

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