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Interview with prolific online article writer Audrey Okaneko

Writer Audrey Okaneko

20 Ways To Make $100 A Day Online

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Q: On you now have 178 articles posted. 88 of these are about direct sales. What is your experience in direct sales?

A: I began in direct sales in 1983 with Avon. By 1985, I was in the top 10 in the country with recruiting and by 1987 I was in the top 5 in the country with recruiting.

In 1997, Avon changed their commission plan and told me that all of thepeople I had sponsored over the 14 year period would be taken from me. This did not affect just me, but also every other person who had built a team up to that point.

We did file a class action suit, but lost even after an appeal.

I always strongly suggest that people read the contracts they are signing with direct sales companies.

In 1998 I began with Watkins. I did achieve trips and awards for my recruiting but it just wasn't the same as my relationships with Avon. I still have my Watkins account today but I'm fairly inactive. In 2000 I went back to work as I was no longer working full time at home.

In 2007, I decided to join Tupperware. I’m still with them today and the match really is like my match with Avon.

I still work outside the house about 35 hours per week. So I really do understand having a job, being a mom and running a direct sales business.

Q: Do you set goals for article production?

A: My major goal is to consistently submit articles so that my name and my articles are continually showing on the front page. One of the larger article directories now lists the names and photos of the top 10 in each category and it is my goal to keep my photo on that page.

In September I joined a challenge of 30 articles in 30 days and I far exceeded that goal and ended the month with 50+ articles.

Q: What do you enjoy most about writing articles? The least?

A: What I enjoy most is being able to teach others and provide a very realistic picture of what direct sales are all about. Every one of us have read the ads that promise millions for doing nothing and promise you can earn millions while spending more time with your kids. This just is not realistic. I love being able to provide realistic marketing techniques and time management techniques.

My least favorite aspect of article writing is that directories require a minimum amount of words There are some topics I have to really stretch to meet the minimum. Some topics I can write 10 articles about such as fundraising in direct sales, but other topics I just have nothing more to say after 200 words and most directories will not accept 200 word articles.

Q: How can WAHMs benefit from writing articles?

A: Each time you write an article your name and URL are given to the reader. Directories allow you, the writer, to put your bio at the bottom of each article. So, every time someone reads that article they are seeing your name and URL.

Writing articles also allows you to establish yourself as an expert in the field, a person that others will come to when they want to know more about the topic you are writing about.

There are many article experts. You’ll often find that no two agree on marketing techniques. One expert will have you believe that submitting to only one directory is sufficient and another expert will have you believe that the only way to see success is to submit to hundreds of directories.

If you want to benefit from article marketing you need to find a balance between finding the right directories to submit to and you need to submit articles on a very regular basis.

Article marketing is not a one-time deal like placing an ad. It’s building your reputation as an expert in your field.

Q: You are also a blogger. Why do you blog?

A: I have so much fun with my blogs. I have 3 blogs. My blogs are another way to reach out. Not everyone reads articles. There are millions of people who read blogs. Blog posts tend to get indexed in the search engines rather quickly. It’s just a wonderful way to communicate with hundreds and hundreds of other people.

Q: How has blogging helped your direct sales and writing business?

A: A blog is a web page. I have my Tupperware links on my blogs. It’s one more way for me to advertise my business without blatant ads. For example, one of my blogs is on parenting. I personally write the content for my blog. Twice a week other parents can come and read what I have to say on a wide variety of parenting topics. On that blog is a link to my Tupperware business. Does everyone click? Absolutely not, but many do.

Having the blogs has kept me on track for writing as I use all of my own content. If I want that blog updated, I need to write. Truly, the more you write, the easier it becomes.

Q: That is an interesting aspect about blogging. You can advertise your products on a blog that is on a topic near and dear to your heart. You also have a presence on social networking sites. How can Wahms use Web 2.0 effectively.

A: I have accounts on MySpace, Facebook and Twitter. It’s imperative that people understand the purpose of these sites. They are networking sites. I’ve written articles on what networking is. Networking is NOT blasting ads to others. Networking is sharing and helping and getting to know others which will ultimately lead to business sales.

There is an awesome book on the market called Love Is the Killer App written by Tim Sanders. About a third of this book is about networking and how to networking. Networking is sharing. The biggest mistake I see WAHM’s make with social networks is blasting ads. No one reads ads. When I ask the ad blaster how much time per day they spend reading ads, they look at me blankly. The reality is no one spends time reading ads on social networks.

Set a goal.

Start with just one person. Make it a goal to meet just one new person every single day. That would be at least 365 people you’ve met in a year’s time. That is huge. That is quite a few people, some of whom just might want what you have to offer. As time allows, make it a point to meet 3 new people per day. That is over 1000 people per year. When you break it down to 3 people per day, that is really manageable, a very realistic goal.

Q: In your opinion, what is the most important success as a person who works at home?

A: In two words, realistic expectations. Over the years as I’ve spoken to others, the vast majority of time that someone felt disappointment it was because they began with unrealistic expectations.

Q: If you could start over again, what is the ONE thing you definitely would do first?

A: Marketing is a learned skill. If I could start over I would have learned more about marketing at the beginning. Marketing is what creates sales and builds a team.

Q: What do you see for your future?

A: I’ve written about vision boards. Vision boards are simple boards that contain words and/or photos of things you want. One of the things I want is my name in the monthly Tupperware magazine. I’ve got several magazines where I’ve taped my name into the spot where I want it. This is what I’m working towards. I’m certain that goal will become a reality.

Thank you very much for your time and effort, Audrey. I am sure many will benefit from your experienced observations

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  1. Great Article!!

    "I have accounts on MySpace, Facebook and Twitter. It’s imperative that people understand the purpose of these sites. They are networking sites. I’ve written articles on what networking is. Networking is NOT blasting ads to others. Networking is sharing and helping and getting to know others which will ultimately lead to business sales." - I love that!