Friday, September 5, 2008

Interview with The Bloggess

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The Bloggess Blog (Jenny)
~Like Mother Teresa only better

Jenny also writes for Good Mom/Bad Mom

Part of my work is to view blogs. It's fun and rewarding. When I found this blog I knew immediately that I wanted to interview its owner after I saw this description in Jenny's own words:

About Jenny: Jenny has a three-year-old named Hailey and a husband named Victor. She's weird and snarky...

Weird and snarky? I can relate to that. My wife and kids agree. Jenny agreed to be
email-interviewed so I sent some offbeat questions, not necessarily snarky. Here
is the interview:

Q: Why "The Bloggess"? What does it mean?

A: I just thought it made sense. Actor, actress. Mister, mistress.
Blogger, Bloggess. Frogger...Froggess? Wait, is there a "Froggess"?
Because there totally should be.

Q: Do you always wear your hair in curlers?

A: I took that picture because I was looking at myself in the mirror and
thinking how fucking depressing it was how much time I spend drying my hair
and I basically get NOTHING out of it so I thought "I should take a
picture to commemorate this hopelessness" and then I thought I'd use it
as my icon so all those years of blow-drying wouldn't be in vain. It
sounds stupid when I say it out loud but in my mind it makes total sense.

Q: You said, " I'm not afraid to embrace my phobias." Tell
us more!

A: Someone once said that there is nothing to fear but fear itself. I
think it was Carrot Top. I think Carrot Top has never seen a giant

Q: "I have a genius for choosing friends." (wrote Jenny on her
blog) We want to know more!

A: I'm this dorky girl who works on spreadsheets all day, yet I'm always
surrounded by amazing writers, actors, musicians. It shocks me sometimes
that this is my life. Basically if I meet someone I like I tell them
they can never not be my friend. Then I drug them and take incriminating
pictures of them and threaten to send them to the press if they leave.
This is how you make friends.

Q: "I'm not afraid to admit that I'm afraid of giant squid." (wrote
Jenny on her blog)

Is Captain Nemo a relative of yours?

A: I don't know who Captain Nemo is but if he was afraid of squid he's alright
in my book.

Q: Did you like the big recent "Titanic" movie? Did you cry?

A: I, I think you need newer questions. But actually I'm
terrified of the water and I totally had a panic attack in the movie and went
out in the car and cried that scary cry when you start hyperventilating.
My husband was freaked the fuck out.

Q: On your blog, do you swear for effect?

A: What the fuck does that mean? Actually, I swear for the same reason that
people use exclamation points.

You don't *have* to use them but if they help to drive home a point I think
you totally should.

Q: Do you want to be big time famous? Is that why you blog?

A: I started blogging for two reasons....the first was to find a community of
people like me because I felt alone in my weirdness and the second was to get
better at writing. I've been working on a book for years and I thought
it would help me to find my voice and figure out what sort of writing appealed
to people. Of course, now I'm too busy blogging to write my book.
Such is life.

Q: Fave music?

A: Ella Fitzgerald, Duffy, Regina Spektor, Cake

Q: You really do know who Guy Kawasaki is, right? How do you know Guy?

(note: Guy Kawasaki is an amazing marketing dude who turned down an offer to
be the CEO of when it was in early development. Of course, Guy did
not know how big Yahoo would get. You can see a video of Guy here): v=tIFDsfhuPqU

A: I really do know Guy Kawasaki and he's awesome. I sent him a terribly
offensive letter asking if he was the guy who invented the motorcycle and
lucky for me, he has a fabulous sense of humor and we hit it off immediately.
I've met him a few times and he is always a total sweetheart. He is the
perfect example of "It's nice to be important but it's important to be nice".

Q: Isn't Houston just too damn hot? (Jenny lives in Houston)

A: It's not the heat. It's the humidity. It's like an entire pool just
boiled over and you're walking around in the pool steam. I heard it
keeps you from getting wrinkles though. I keep telling myself that and
ignoring all the people in Houston with wrinkles.

Q: What do you want to be doing in 5 years.

A: I have no damn idea. How sad.


  1. Jenny is my hero. The wind beneath my wings, if you will. My Barbara Hershey.Only with natural looking lips. THE ONES ON HER FACE. God. You people!

  2. As always Jenny delivers and makes me laugh with every post. I may move to Houston, stalk her and become one of those friends she can not be friends with any more. :)

  3. I discovered Jenny a few weeks ago, and I love love love her blog! And even though she's pretty much famous around these parts, she still visits us little guys, and even deams to comment! She's like a dream come true! lol.

  4. If I looked that good in curlers, I'd keep them in all day. I don't know why the fuck Jenny swears on her blog, but I fucking love it- the swearing and the blog!

  5. I love this interview. I love that it's here on this particular blog. I love the Bloggess. I love that this post has me bathing in love like Houston humidity and may prevent my own face from wrinkling.

  6. Great interview! I laughed, I cried! I heart Jenny!

  7. I love Jenny. I met her at BlogHer and asked about the curlers, too. When she told us the story, it made complete sense. The way she says everything makes sense. She always brings a smile to my face and tears to my eyes. Love her weirdness!

  8. The Bloggess is one of those rare, precious blogmatists whose every word I devour. Understand her? Not usually. But I read her posts over and over, marveling in their tarty deliciousness.