Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Get traffic without paying money for it

Always remember that very little is really "free". To say you can get free advertising is ridiculous. What about the time it takes to make it happen? Is your time worth nothing?

Just because you have a website set up that doesn’t mean some form of magic is going to occur and zap traffic there without you doing a thing.

That would be nice, but it’s not reality, so start using some online marketing techniques to get them there.

Online advertising doesn’t have to be an expensive part of your business. Here are some ways to get traffic to your site that won’t cost you much in the end:

Blogging/ Blog Comments- You might consider setting up a blog to go along with your business. Search engines tend to like them and so do visitors. If you blog about topics that relate to your business site’s niche, people who are searching for that niche can stumble upon your blog. You can provide a link to your business site from your blog, so traffic can find their way to your reports easily.

Find other blogs that are about the same topic as your business site. Leave useful comments to some of the posts. Your user name will be attached to your business site’s link or maybe even to your blog’s link. Either way traffic can be routed to your PLR reports easier.

Article Marketing- This type of marketing can establish you as an expert in the field your business niche is in and gain some traffic to your site. This works by submitting an article that talks about the topic of your site’s niche. For example, if your niche is in the health industry, you could provide an article that talks about something in the health industry or it could also be about PLR reports.

Your article would be provided with a bio section. This section would include your name and business site’s link. Those who liked the article they find on one of these submission sites can click through to your site for more information.

Press Releases- A press release is a way to announce a company’s grand opening or special event that they’re launching. Businesses use it all the time to announce whatever they have going on, because it enables their sites to receive more exposure on the net.

Press releases are about news so that shouldn’t be a sales pitch for your products. They should only announce an event or special offer you’re planning. The point is to gain more traffic to your site so you can sell them on your products from there. Just concentrate on getting them there.

Social Networking/Message Board Communities- Join sites like these that relate to your business site’s niche. Communicating with like -minded people can gain you more traffic or some sales. Just don’t overwhelm the community right away with some sales pitch. Get to know your fellow “cyber friends” first and then ease into your letting your business be known.

Message board communities are great ways to connect to other people. You can offer advice and gain some credibility while posting on these boards. If the forum allows it, have your business site link in your signature, so those inquisitive people can quench their curiosities by clicking through to your site.

Greg Cryns
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